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First Honors: Raine Cassandra D. Dumalay

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I am not surprised that she'll get the First Honors because I believe in her wits and her capability, but I also did not expect too much for there are still many others who have tried their very best in reaching the top. I was surprised when the teacher sent me a message informing me that the daughter is First Honors and that I have to make her Valedictory speech. I couldn't be any prouder. The jubilation I felt cannot be equaled, and I felt that even with the time I gave them, or the lack of it, my children still managed to be good in their studies.

She got 5 medals, but the first in this post is my favorite of all. Good thing we were accompanied by the granny and the kuya who also went up the stage to place the medal on her.

The kuya also got very good grades, however, because of the strict imposition of the school that students must reach an average of 91 before they are given recognition, we weren't able to do so with his average being 90.6. Nonetheless, I am very proud of my kids. I am very glad that they are doing well despite my absence and that they have the drive to be on top despite stiff competition. Mana daw sa Mommy. Haha, I don't know, maybe yes. But of course, it's the discipline we have imposed on them in their studies, and other factors too. It would be unfair for the dad to be excluded in the recognition of intelligent genes. So yes, mana rin sa Daddy.

I'm hoping they could be the next Tim Sykes when they're older, so we could easily get rich. It would be a very rewarding Return of Investment. Teehee.


eks said…
congrats, sheng! hindi nakakagulat. magaling ang mga magulang e. :-)
bertN said…
Marian said…
grabe Sheng galing galing naman. congrats. Keep it up Raine :)
Kayni said…
wow, ang galing. CONGRATULATIONS!
docgelo said…
who would not be proud?
ang husay, sheng!
BlogusVox said…
Proud parents! Who won't be? : )

Congrats hija and also to your responsible nanay and tatay!
Photo Cache said…
congratulations raine. sheng kamukhang kamukha mo. pareho kayong maganda at brainy.
dong ho said…
galing! galing ni Tabebs! may pinagmamanahan nga daw. congratulations Sheng and Ric.
sheng said…
Thanks, everyone! I am just glad the kids take after me, LOL.
Reena said…
congrats sheng! ang galing galing naman. Mana sa mga magulang. :)
anney said…
Wow Congrats! Ang tatalino ng mga anak mo! Advance Happy Easter!
doc anna said…
congrats sheng! :)
Eds said…
wow! dami namang medals. congrats sheng.

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