May 1, Labor Day 2012

Come May 1, while you all may be in your respective homes enjoying the holiday, I will be working my head off because it is the most important day in the life of Department of Labor and Employment, or maybe not.

During the May 1 Labor Day, there are Jobs Fairs being held in most parts of the country and these jobs fairs are being jampacked by hundreds, even thousands of jobseekers. While some of these applicants creep their way into the crowd trying their best to get that job they are eyeing for, others are on the streets rallying against the government just because they don't have a decent job, or, that they have been working theirs butts off and yet, earning so little.

While it is true that May 1 is Labor Day, meaning Araw ng Paggawa or Araw ng mga Manggagawa, this does not refer alone to those laborers, construction workers, those who perform heavy jobs, but also to everyone who labors and toils in order to provide food for their tables. This day is also dedicated to those working in the offices, even if they are secured in their air conditioned cul de sac, because, of course, they have also invested their time and effort to reach their level of success.

Pagtutulungan.  - Let us do away with anger, jealousy, rifts and crab mentality. Instead, it would be a better place to live in when all the people are helping each other to prosper.

Pagbabago. - The change that we need will start with ourselves. We may not be the aggressive kind of people before but with the stiff competition to living a good life, it is deemed necessary to change our ways and not wait for what blessings will come our way. Moreover, we need to work for progress, be productive and everything will come easy.

Disenteng Trabaho. Wouldn't it be very rewarding if you allow yourself to work in a decent workplace? Wouldn't it be a satisfied feeling if you provide food for your kids coming from the fruits of your toil?There are still a number of ways to earn a living. And I think it would still be the best gift you can give your dependents - making them eat from out of your decent job.   


Anonymous said…
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onyxx said…
great ideas for the upcoming Labor Day. hopefully, all these things will come pass...
kyrasofya said…
I am praying that more Filipinos will be aptly employed :)
sheng said…
@onyxx: Thanks, Onyxx! Balik ka!

@kyrasofya: Oo nga atty., mas maganda sana kung lahat ng nangangailangan meron so as to aim for progress and stability. Thanks for visiting!
docgelo said…
like your other commenter, i also pray for more jobs for filipinos. i have experienced being jobless for a few months and my family was greatly affected financially. seryosong usapan ang trabaho, ano mang uri ito.

good luck on your duties on may 1, sheng. double pay naman kayo pag holiday, tama ba?
sheng said…
@docgelo: Thanks for praying for more jobs. It means a lot to our country.

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