A Quick Visit to Hinatuan Enchanted River

Hinatuan's Enchanted River spells BEST. It has the best water I have seen so far, for a river as its name accentuates.

My recent trip to Butuan City for attending the Basic Employment Services Training Workshop for 5 full days also brought me to Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The land trip may have been hellish but it was the road to a heavenly enchanting Hinatuan River. Its blue waters is what makes it enchanting, not to mention the large and small fishes which as they say, have never been caught by anyone, ever. These large fishes swim their way towards the crystal clear bluish but deeper part of the lagoon where at 12 noontime, they are being fed by caretakers of the place. The lagoon is part of Hinatuan River where it connects to the open Pacific Sea. 

The water is a mixture of fresh and saltwater, since it is a river, and as mentioned, a connection towards the Pacific Ocean. It has deep blue color on the deeper part of the lagoon, while it has the perfect aquamarine hue on the shallow part where kids and those who cannot swim are allowed to indulge. The deepest part of the lagoon is said to be as deep as 80 meters, and swimmers are only permitted to swim in this part if they wear a lifevest. 

Hinatuan Enchanted River has been drawing a lot of attention lately, and not only that, it has been enticing a lot of local as well as foreign tourists. We arrived there at past 12 noon, where the fish feeding has already started. They say that at 12 noon, the caretakers ring a bell signalling swimmers to leave the lagoon for it is feeding time. No one is allowed to swim as this may disturb the fishes. A song is being played while the fishes are visible, and as believed by locals, beautiful songs make fishes come to the area.  It is said that these fishes only swim towards lagoon for a limited time, and only at noontime. They are like fairies swimming in the clear water with their golden and yellow colors. Some are even more colorful if you get a chance to closely check. 

From Butuan City, you can ride the bus which will take you at least 2-3 hours bus ride and get off at Hinatuan proper where a habal-habal can take you to Hinatuan for P50.


Kayni said…
oh wow, ang linis at ang ganda. sana makita ko rin ito.
cpsanti said…
WOW! It looks like Mexico's Aguas de Azul! Very nice! I want to visit too! ;-)
Teeni said…
Wow! That is amazing and sooooo beautiful! It really does look enchanted. I enjoyed reading about this river and how the caretakers feed the fish, as well as looking at the glorious photos! Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience!
witsandnuts said…
Ang linis linis 'no? Sobrang na enjoy ko talaga yung Hinatuan river. On the other hand, bigla kong naalala na hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa na-blog yung Surigao trip namin. :)Must find time!

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