Running = Trying to Stay Healthy


No, I am not joining any marathons or anything nor preparing for a race to wherever. I just want to stay healthy. It seems as though I have forgotten about my physical health, and for the two consecutive weeks that I have attended trainings in Butuan and in General Santos City, I also had sleepless nights studying for my talks, and there's more in the coming weeks.

Seriously, things have been crazy, but when I'm home, I see to it that I give quality time to family. And so the run. It's a long time wish to jog with the boss, thus, that moment has come, and I hope we can continue doing this runs even if it's only during weekends.

The awesome Mt. Matutum on the background!

Because running is trying to stay healthy.
How about you? What do you do to stay healthy?


KG said…
wow sheng! ang ganda mo naman nagjojog! keep it up!

ako for a time nagjojog din, tapos tinamad na! Haha!
upto6only said…
way to go Sheng. Keep it up. I want to run too kaso masarap umupo lang hahaha.
sheng said…
@KG: This morning lang yan, I hope we keep the running every weekend. It helps that the husband is interested to jog with a slow person like me.

@Marian: Wag kasi dapat tinatamad, hehehe. Pantanggal bilbil din ang jogging te! Hahaha.
Anonymous said…
walking..that is what I usually do. walking 15 to work after a tiring mrt ride hahaha. :-)
sheng said…
@Photo Cache: Salamat! Pantanggal stress din yan! ehehehe
Anonymous said…
oh god your post reminded me of how awful i've been to my body lately. i stopped going to the gym you see and i'm suffering for it. but way to go with the running sheng!
eks said…
para tuloy gusto ko bumalik sa gym. :-) hehehe. i. need. this.
docgelo said…
good for you sheng to stay fit!
ako na ang dakilang tamad sa ganyan, hehehe (how ironic not to practice what i preach but it's a talent to remain effective!)

hail to the best moms like you who find quality time in between work and busy scheds!
sheng said…
@Doc Gelo: I guess it's because I need to! Waaaah, I need 48 hours in a day!
SunnyToast said…
I jog with my free time at the park and drink hot green tea before bed time:)

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