I Go by Three's

Got this meme from my dear friend, Prinsesa Musang and I thought that it's timely to post something like this in the blog because I have nothing really interesting to post these days, and that I feel a writer's block behaving badly. So there, since I can just answer all that is asked here, I'd rather you know something three's from me or not having to update this blog at all.

But then again, forgive me if I'd have to answer some foolishly, I just don't want to think deeply.
1. Three names you go by: My family calls me Ging-ging, friends call me Sheng, and I am Sheil to my boss (some name that I really don't want to hear more often because it means a task or something urgent just hearing that).

2. Three facts about yourself: I'm pretty (just let me believe in myself, please!). I work as a government employee and I am happily married.
3. Three things that happened today: We devoured a huge canister of imported biscuits (never reached 24 hours to have it done, just all 4 of us). We watched 6 movies (too lazy to move). And I'm currently nursing arthritis-like pain on my right foot!
4. Three favorite songs right now: David Pomeranz' Tryin' to Get The Feeling, Rivermaya's 214, and Eraserhead's With a Smile

5. Three breakfast foods you enjoy: Scrambled egg with ampalaya, pancakes and butter, daing na bangus and rice
6. Three things on your current to-do list: Make a report on SRS Regional Validation, start with Labor Market Supply and Demand report, finish a short story I have left off.

7. Three colors you like: Blue, green, red

8. Three words you think others would use to describe you: Magaling, friendly, mabait. (I am crossing my fingers they'd say these words when they hear of me.)

9. Three objects you can’t be without: Cellphone, internet, book

10. Three ways to win your heart: Chocolates, books, good deed

11. Three favorite movies: Armageddon, Cutting Edge, With Honors

12. Three appetizers you enjoy: Kinilaw na tuna, langka salad, sushi 

13. Three places you’ve lived: Antique, Koronadal City, General Santos City
14. Three important people in your life: Family, My children, Friends
15. Three things you want to say to three different people: to Bon Jovi: Please live your life somewhere else! Miss Minchin: I am not perfect. Hubby: Thank you for being my partner and my best friend.

Go! If you, like me, have nothing interesting to write, just make this meme, and you'll be glad you have a new post on your blog! (Shame on me, haha!)


Anonymous said…

seriously, i'd say you truly are "Magaling, friendly, mabait". ;)
kg said…
akp pala yun sheng! hehe!
Sheng said…
@kg: i i do prefer being called gin-ging than sheil, hehehe, para kasing bitin. Pero mas ok kung sheng. Hehehe...
Yadu Karu said…
naks! nice post te sheng
docgelo said…
ok din ang boss mo, isang letra na lang sa first name mo, iniwan pa. :)

scrambled egg with ampalaya?
hindi pa typographical error ito, sheng? :)
Anonymous said…
natawa ako kung bakit ayaw mo madinig ang tawag ng boss haha! nagutom din ako sa post mo at naamaze, six movies? wow! and i hope your pains ease up, sheng. take care! great post!
Anonymous said…
Sheng, this is cute- I am going to borrow it! You are beautiful by the way! Inside and out!
McRICH said…
Na -touch po ako sa pagbisita ng isang award winning blogger na tulad mo teh, thank you po :)

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