Only Selfless Love

When I met Bro. Vince 3 years back, he was teaching high school students here in General Santos City, and I thought he was doing his best as a teacher because teaching is a profession that requires yourself to be offered to your students. 

We became closer as friends, and as a group because of our blogs. We had times that as a group, me and my kids and hubby would have pizza with him and Sir Gilbert, and how I have missed those days when we had weekends over pizza and Coke. Many times we have had our share of laughter together because of different topics over lunch, through cracking king crab shells or just sharing problems and insights over coffee and batchoy.

But he is a brother, and he can't be ours all the time, he has to give himself to the Lord. As he professed his perpetual vows just today, my eyes swelled with tears, I was overwhelmed at how selfless he has offered his life to the Lord.
I understand that the Lord has been calling him, and now that he has professed his eternal love for the Lord, I can only admire his selflessness, his decision to take up his cross and follow HIM. 

Congratulations, Bro. Vince. I can only pray that you will be strong, and that you will cling to HIM inspite and despite your weaknesses.

Only selfless LOVE, that's what I thought about the giving of yourself.

Oh, and that's me with my new and short hair!


The Itinerant said…
Thanks for believing with me today, that selfless generosity still means a lot for others... I may not be perfect but trying to be faithful... :)

Thanks for your presence to witness what we had today... :)
jinky said…
I missed this very important event ;-( had an unexpected out of town trip. Congrats, Bro. Vince!
kg said…
uy sheng, new hairdo! nice! ako din bagong hair haha!

congrats kay father. we need more of him! :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats to your brother and friend! I wondered what this pic was all about on fb. What an amazing man! Congrats again to him. As for you, yes- your haircut is darling! It's so flattering and I love it!
docgelo said…
Inspiring friend you got there, sheng!

pizza and coke + laughter + king crab shells +coffee (and batchoy that i last ate when i was in roxas city)= absolute fun! hehehe!
sheng said…
@The Itinerant: Wouldn't miss it for the world.

@jinky: Oo nga te, sayang wala ka doon.

@KG: Brother pa lang siya, hehehe.

@Annebella: Very inspiring friend, he is.

@docGelo: Oh indeed, I often wonder how some people can be so selfless in their service for others.
onyxx said…
awww... it's not exactly a loss though -- he's moving on to serve a "larger" purpose. i wish him luck :)
BlogusVox said…
Some devote their time to money.
His is to humanity...
and blogging for you and me. : )

Nice new look, sheng!
Anonymous said…
the Church needs brave, young, holy men right now! keep the faith Bro. Vince! :)

and sheng, bagay ang hair! lovet! ;)
Photo Cache said…
so glad to hear another soul vowing to guide God's flock.

i'm back from my vacay and ready to blog and bloghop again.
SunnyToast said…
The church need to people like him! God bless!

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