Tired but Happy

I happen to be very busy these past few days that I even forgot to tell you I went to Bohol to be with my tarsier friends.

Yes, the three day weekend for me was awesome, it was a blast with my family who wanted to break away from the hustle and bustle of work and all. It was also a celebration because my kids handed me test papers which are generally bearing very good scores, perfect and almost perfect scores. 

I am happy that despite the "almost complicated challenge" of having to leave for vacation on the day of my IQ Examination for promotion, God has given me the chance not to miss on it. I was able to finish the exam way earlier than others just in time to catch our flight. And while on vacation, I wasn't able to let you know I was out having fun in the sun because my mobile can only key in facebook chat icons from MyEmoticons, and nothing more. But although I was barely online that time, and I think I opted to enjoy the fun with the kids and husband than having to go through my online activities, and even blogging, I had a quality bonding time with me kids. 

Stories will follow after I am over with all my backlogs at work! Though there are only a few of them, I still can't stand having them piled up. Hence, this smiley from MyEmoticon will be here to cheer you up while I am having a post-vacation vacation. Haha, that sounds good! 

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, 
but a manner of traveling. 
Margaret Lee Runbeck 


kg said…
good for you sheng, na kapag bakasyon ka! :)
SunnyToast said…
Everyone once in a while we need to have a break with our online life and focus on what we love and makes you happy:)

And you are in the right track:)
bertN said…
I'm glad you were able to sneaked in some vacation time despite your heavy workload.

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