We Can Only Pray


While we here in South Cotabato and General Santos City are enjoying the sun, many of our countrymen in Luzon areas are submerged in water and we can only pray for them. 

While those in Luzon are submerged in floodwaters, some of our soldiers are busy fighting for peace and order in some areas of Maguindanao, and we can only pray for them. 

While some soldiers in Maguindanao are fighting against the rebels that be, many of our countrymen are fighting against poverty, and we can only pray for them.

We can only pray for them, and maybe do more than saying a prayer.  

For my friends in Luzon, keep safe and dry! 


kg said…
that's right sheng, prayer can move mountains. sana matapos na lahat ng gulo sa ating bansa.
Anonymous said…
so true... praying for everyone to stay safe. btw sheng, i'm hosting a virtual potluck dinner and you're invited! :D
docgelo said…
we always rely on our faith. prayers fuel it. :)

nakakatakot ang mga kalamidad sa atin, nakaka-depressed ang mga news at photos sa timelines.

on the positive note, our endurance and tolerance and coping mechanisms to all these challenges make every filipino more resilient and stronger. iyon ang mayroon tayo na wala sa iba.
bertN said…
I remember my old college physics professor (he was "terror" personified) who said that prayers alone will not make us pass his exams, we have to study hard first, then pray.
Dorm Boy said…
Thanks God the rain is over! =)

tama ka marami pa tayong idapat ipagpray. Even to the most trivial thing in our life. =)
Anonymous said…
late na magko-comment pero thanks sheng! :)

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