I Survived the Skywalk

I wouldn’t call this most recent trip to Cebu my last because I definitely will be going back. Years ago, I had my dream of going to Cebu packed with an assignment of getting an article done involving the CPDRC dancing inmates who were caught on video dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bad. This time, I’m back to be trained on a certain program that’s been the reason why I was actually hired in DOLE in the first place, the Skills Registry System. Adopting the program is a new experience for me, but I think this has been one of my passions, caring for those in need of jobs and trying to find it for them.

What is actually good with being belted in this program is the opportunity to be trained somewhere else, in today’s case, Cebu. And what could be better than having to go to Cebu alone! 

I have never really flown alone. In most cases, I was with the kids, the husband, or the former boss. This is the time first time that I went someplace alone, along with my idiocy of grasping directions, and my fickle mind of remembering which transport I should take to reach a certain place. Luckily, on my first night here in the Queen City of the South, I was picked up from the airport by my former director whom I served for 5 months being her secretary. I requested to be dropped at SM City for a meet-up with my very first boss when I entered the world of work. He and his wife toured me around the city, dinner at Casa Verde at Ayala Terraces, a joyride at Cebu IT Park, and capping the night with coffee at Mr. A, one of the three highest points in Lahug, Cebu. It was almost midnight when I went back to my hotel until I had to wake up for a lonely breakfast while waiting for time to transfer to our training venue. 

La Mirada is P200 away from Mactan’s downtown area, a place so posh and beautiful, very classy with sophisticated rooms, delicious food, attentive servers and very helpful concierge. The training was probably the second reason why this trip happened, the first one was probably for the project handlers to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.
After that all the presentations and discussions were over, the second night was spent in enjoying the amenities of the condotel. A few lifts of the 5 kg weights, some cycling at the gym, and my first sauna bath! 

I have never experienced being enclosed in a sauna and this first time of mine is very unforgettable because I spent it at one of the posh hotels in Mactan Island. The Jacuzzi was good but I wasn’t able to enjoy it much because I decided to try the infinity pool after it took longer time for the Jacuzzi to get warm. Good thing was that, I had the pool for myself, and it was one “alone time” that I really needed. Not because I wanted to contemplate, but this trip made me realize that 1, you need not be dependent to the people around you to live a happy life and 2, that the unemployed are the reason why I am employed.

No husband, no kids, no friends around me but with colleagues in DOLE, we tried the Skywalk after we have toured three museums, Magellan's Cross, Lapu-lapu Shrine and Fort San Pedro. Oh, the anxiety for waiting and trying it out. Our hands were already shaking while we were paying for the Skywalk Adventure on the 19th Floor. 

 We actually thought we're trying it out from there until the teller told us to go up the 39th floor! 19th Floor of Crown regency! Whoa! Imagine! We rode the lift which I found to be really cool as it was a transparent lift where you can see everything around you, all the Cebu lights, how fast the lift goes up and down, and how high you have already reached to touching the sky. Nakakalula! But then again, it was worth it! All worth it!

 I Survived One Extreme Adventure! 

Sky diving is next on my bucket list!



bertN said…
I envy people who do not have a fear of height. Good for you!
When you skydive, don't forget to pull the parachute release cord early enough before you hit the ground. My niece skydive for fun and she wants me to experience the thrill. I told her to check with me again in a hundred year or when I am feeling suicidal, whichever comes first.
Photo Cache said…
you are very brave to try that skywalk. as much fun as it looks, i think i'll pass given that i'm quite terrified of heights.
SunnyToast said…
work and travel why not:) cebu is on my list next year...planning to witness sinulog festival again:) and SKywalk...is a must!

thank you for sharing your story in between of your work:) awesome!
sheng said…
@BertN: haha, funny that you're not adventurous when it comes to heights, but you are very adventurous on water. I'd love to have some adventures with water too, just that it's kinda costly!

@PhotoCache: it's interesting and exciting! you should try that one time soon!

@ SunnyToast: haha, Cebu is my second hometown. I'd love to stay there sometime soon!
Reena said…
i'd love to skydive too! i went there last june but it was closed because it was raining. sayang. but i'd love t go back and try it. i have fear of heights but i don't care. haha
Yellow Bells said…
I would LOVEEEE to do this!

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