One Scary Day but FUN Weekend in Bohol

It sure took me more than courage and bravery to do this. I never thought I could pose with a python ever in my entire life because in all honesty, I am scared of snakes, very very scared.

After we arrived in XZootic in Loay, Bohol, the zookeepers were friendly enough to encourage us to sit and pose with this python. She's tamed though, and friendly according to her keeper. In fact, there was a poster with Melia, the name of this Burmese python cradling a sleeping baby in her coiled body. I never thought I could gather enough courage to come an inch near her but I did. According to the keeper, Melia doesn't harm humans, but we just have to be careful near her that time because she just shed off her old skin, meaning, she's too sensitive for brushes with her cold skin.

What I thought would have ended my adventures that day wasn't enough. I had to hurdle a long hanging bridge in Loboc, Bohol. Some of my friends I know had fear of heights, me included. Coupled with the fear of going straight into the river if I erroneously slip my step, I once again took courage to walk through this swinging and  hanging bridge that creaks each time you step, most especially if you step heavily on this bamboo-woven bridge. Some inconsiderate people even had the guts to run their way to the end making me take a hard grip on the handle(?) 

I have the kids with me and they are having fun walking their way to the ends, ergo, my heart skipping twice for fear of me but mostly for them having a wrong move while on the suspended bridge.

But it was a lovely adventure. I realized my kids are braver than I am. And I will be going to Bohol for another time. That's for sure.

More stories of my Bohol weekend, soon! Very very soon!     


bertN said…
Crossing a wildly swinging suspension bridge and sitting on a monster python? I think I'll just risk death by sitting on the beach with a cold drink and watching the bikini-clad beauties tan themselves while I slowly die of old age or a sudden heart attack LOL.
jeanny said…
Because of this entry bigla kong binalikan yung bohol entry ko, biglang ko kasing namiss ang Bohol.

Ang ganda nya, I do hope na makabalik ako soon.

Glad you enjoyed your stay in Bohol Will wait for more BOhol updates :-)
Eds said…
congrats. tapang mo sheng! sa bridge na yan kaya ko tumawid kasi may handle pero maupo sa gitna ng python na yan. OMG! never!
sheng said…
@BertN: hahaha, I smiled when I read what you were thinking about sitting on that snake.

@Jeanny: It's a good place when you aRE NOT ON A RUSH VACATION as we did. I want to go back if only for Balicasag and the Virgin island.

@Eds: Hey girl, long time no hear! How is the baby? I texted you once, you did not reply. So i thought you might have changed your number already!
kg said…
grabe naman yang napakalaking ahas! naku. katakot! haha!

malamang pagkaupo mo picture agad ano...tapos after ng picture tayo agad! haha!
Nortehanon said…
Ang tapang naman, talagang umupo sa naka-coil na snake hehehe. Mukhang busog naman yata yung snake eh kaya deadma siya sa iyo hahaha
Ibyang said…
Oh my that hanging bridge and you walked thru...ang galing! I've been there twice but never walked thru it. too scared.

That phython is massive. I'm scared of that too. Bilib ako sayo Sheng :)
Princess Salan said…
Hello! First time to visit your blog po. :) I admire your courage po kase I'm scred of snakes too.. hope to read more blog posts in this website of yours. :)))
Anonymous said…
That's scary. I admire your courage ate Sheng. I wonder kung magagawa ko ba yan pag ako na andiyan. Can't wait for more posts about your vacation. :)
BlogusVox said…
Snakes are docile only when they are full or just fed. They are more "active" when they are hungry. So next time you pose with one of those, ask first the keeper kung kumain na ba ang mga yan. : )
Heart of Rachel said…
Wow, you're very brave. I had a picture taken with a huge snake before but I don't think I can sit too close to it.

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