Present State of Busy-ness

For some reason, I have not gained the momentum back to blog about Bohol and our whirlwind trip there. Work in the office seems to be getting more and more of a burden, and I am feeling so overworked, stressed in some ways and there are times when I cannot get home as early as I could because of my position as the secretary of the boss. 

I am not complaining about it, in fact, I am thankful about all these things because who knows, this will just be the road prepared for me to get ready for a higher position. Admittedly though, sometimes I feel guilty because I have lesser quality time with the family. The nights when I get home, I only have a few hours to talk with them and then sleep, and then I'd be the first to wake up each morning to cook for their breakfast, prepare their school snacks and rush off to work at 6AM, barely giving them time to give them my morning kisses.

But still, I know I am trying my best to be a good mom, I just hope they understand that I am doing this for them.

Well, stressed or not, I have been in love with sushi, and sushi making for that matter. I have been gifted by a friend some nori and sushi rice, hence this picture. I am not sure if I was doing the right thing but it sure tasted good when I had them in my mouth. Even my kids are amazed that I could whip up some Japanese food.

Maybe soon, when I have enough time, I could whip dimsums, and chicken cordon bleu, and some dishes you'd never expect I could make. Haha!

I borrowed this set from a friend,and I think I'm getting hooked. I am sure you all have watched this movie already. I heard the second book is already in the making. I am not sure when I will be able to finish the books because I sure have full hands but I hope to be able to finish this soon.

What about you? What have you been busy about? 


bertN said…
You come home late from work, wakes up very early to prepare breakfast for your family, school snacks for your children, then rush off on a long commute to work at 0600. You do this on a daily basis and you still have time to do other things that interest you and your family! You are not only a good mom but a superwife in my book.
Ibyang said…
work is not as busy but my social calendar seems to be always busier. this month is about attending parties and organizing get-togethers as it's husband's birth month. just last weekend i organized a breakfast picnic for one of our group of friends. i'm also busy with blogging :)

hope your week is productive and happy.
Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Sheng. I'm still busy with online writing assignments. I really miss blogging and I'm trying to get back into it.

That Maki looks yummy. My hubby occasionally makes them too. I think we still have some Japanese mayo & crab stick in the fridge and nori. I'll add Japanese rice to my grocery list so hubby can make some this weekend. You just made me crave for maki. haha!
Heart of Rachel said…
I've read all three books. Looking forward to the next movie.
Oman said…
just don't forget to invite us when you decided to whip those culinary skills back :)
BlogusVox said…
Mukhang masarap yang shushi mong gawa, sheng. : )
LJ said…
you really have to be careful with the suzanne collins books, haha. they can get pretty pretty addicting.

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