Random Thoughts While on the Bus

While on the bus tonight, I was thinking about what my life would have impacted on others. I have met up with a lot of friends, encountered many people in my life, considered them friends and some colleagues. Some may not have felt comfortable in my company, but God knows I have tried my best to make them my friends. 

Others may not have considered my presence a blessing, and otherwise, may have considered me a competition, but for sure, it is just the way of life. And you can never please everybody.

But I do have a lot of friends, and just the way Sec. Jesse Robredo died, as he was remembered to be a man with untarnished name, I would want to be remembered in the same manner.

And so, I thought that when I die, I'd love that my friends would remember me and celebrate my death in a different way.

I have mentioned this before, I'd want an orange coffin because it sure looks like a very happy color. And I want my friends to do a wacky shot in my wake, and want them to do a jump shot in my funeral. Seriously!

Weird? Weirder?

Oh, and this!

Listening to people, seeing people, feeling people. The past weeks have been very busy for me, but if you ask me what realizations I've learned in life during busy days is that, one must beware of user-friendly people!

And by user-friendly, I mean those who are only your friends when they want or need something from you. Marami sila diyan, matuto kang makiramdam kung sino sila.


bertN said…
We are all going to join our departed ancestors, sooner or later, but you are too young to even think of your own demise.
sakura said…
ayan...buti naman at naiblog na rin para meh ebidensya when someone frowns at our suggestments just in case teeheehee
docgelo said…
orange, sheng? ayaw mo ng yellow mas bright, mas happy? biro lang. :)

that bus trip must have taken a long journey for you to contemplate on these things. ganyan din ako minsan e, isip isip! :)
SunnyToast said…
I agree...we really have to choose the person- friends and most of all to trust and oneself:)

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