A Kiss of Kee's Cafe in General Santos City

 In need or in want of good Japanese food in General Santos City? 

I had the privilege of visiting Manny Pacquaio's Roadhaus Hotel with several other bloggers and I was astonished at how Jinkee, the wife managed to pull her resources to give us a good hotel with all the expensive and imported materials put into good use. Roadhaus Hotel started last year and is already a tourist spot in General Santos City if only for the tourists to come visit the house/hotel that Manny built from out of his boxing career.
It is not only because of the hotel per se, though, that people would want to come and visit this place, it is also for the great and mouth-satisfying dishes they offer with their imported chef  on the run in the kitchen of the hotel and one they called Kee's Cafe.

 What we had while we were there was very fine-tuned Japanese dishes, one that I appreciate very much because of the completeness of the their presentation, from veggies to fish and also the favorite my mouth can ever taste, their maki rolls and everything Japanese including sashimi with wasabe on the side. They also offer other Filipino dishes as well, you just have to find time poring into their vast list of dishes for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

If you are a smoothies, juice and beverage lover, try their assortment of juices and you'll be amazed at how a simple cucumber can be made into one find drink. 
Kee's Cafe is located at Roadhaus, just fronting the road so you can see it while on your way to City Heights, General Santos City.


Ibyang said…
happy to see the Pacquiao's hotel in your blog. I've seen it on tv but reading it thru your blog is better.
bertN said…
Just curious, who is Kee of Kee's Cafe?
Photo Cache said…
I'm curious about the name of the cafe too. Looks like the food is fabulous.
sheng said…
BertN and Photo Cache: It's called Kee's Cafe short for Jinkee, hehehe, pinag-isipan ng malalim ito. Hahaha
Phioxee said…
i really want to go to general santos.lalo na ngayon sikat na si pacquio

just me,
Dong Ho said…
lakas na papagutom tong post na to. lalo na mga sushi, maki at sashimi. pag punta mo rito, dont miss out trying sambokojin.
Eds said…
uhmm...sarap naman ng foods na yan.

you're so lucky to see and dine at that hotel. how about the rate by the way?

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