Saturday, October 6


One afternoon while having late lunch inside Manny Pacquiao's and Roadhous Hotel's Kee's Cafe, he came in. A friend of mine shrieked to see him with his friends, and noticed him immediately. Cute, clean and smelling nicely, I just had the urge to request my personal photographer capture the impromptu moment with him.

And his sweet smile!

You do know who he is, right? Because I actually had second thoughts the moment I saw him come in.


Atty. Psyche Rizsavi B. Fontanilla-Mamadra said...

:) ang gwapo ni Jason hoping for more bondings with you sheng :)

Nortehanon said...

Aha, na-starstruck :) Guwapo naman pala siya eh.

Photo Cache said...

ang cute, but i don't know him. is he some sort of a celebrity back home?