The Aftermath of Ofel's Wrath

What I was hearing on the news the past few days were quite scaring the wits out of me because it warns us of what Ofel, the Tropical Depression turned Typhoon with Signals 1-3 in different areas of the country can do. It can uproot trees, create huge waves, and many others, but overall, create a destruction as if we have not enough of what we already are having in the country.

I believed everything I heard, but was not expecting it to be in Mindanao or even the General Santos City area as we do not usually get storms to land in a mountain/hills covered land area. 

But times have changed. And what I was not expecting--- happened. 

Taken outside our gate. And the street is all covered with water. And the worst thing is that, our house is a tad lower than the street is oriented at. So imagine how high the water could be inside our very own shelter. It's been like this every time heavy rains drop in our neck of the world. Tsk tsk.

Ofel's wrath is devastating... Nature's wrath, that is. 

I can only pray. Be safe wherever you are!


bertN said…
Our old house in Manila is like yours, it is now below the current street level. Mahirap sa mga cousins kong nakatira duon as you can imagine.
Oman said…
The barangay where our house in Cabanatuan issituated is one of the highest elevated in Cabanatuan but with the climate change and all i just do not know if it will remain flood free.

Hope you and Ric and the kids are ok. Keep safe everyone.
Reena said…
Has it always been lower than the street elevation? Napapadalas na yung baha sa Mindanao, no? I hope everyone's in a better condition now that Ofel's gone. Tc!
LJ said…
Hmm. From what I've heard, Ofel can really get pretty nasty.

Well, the nature's wraths is pretty different this days. For example, manila bay. :)

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