The Art of Hosting and Why I Don't make a Good Host

I'm not really good in hosting. In fact there are times I feel jealous of those DJs and other hosts who can just blab about anything under the sun trying out good spiels and remarks while on the microphone being the master of ceremony.

Neither am I good in making up a scenario where the people can enjoy what I would want to share with them. And I am not too confident with my English, sometimes I just don't make sense when I am on the microphone. 

But having been recommended to host when the Secretary of Labor Hon.Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz came to visit Region 12 and launch the Child Labor-Free Barangay was a great honor, I wanted to do it even if by all means, I'd get all the shame blame. 

And when the show started, my knees went jelly, my tongue got tied, and my eyes were blinded by the glaring halogen light up above my melting face. Until such time I unfroze because it was turning out good.

We were already doing a good show when suddenly there was no sound, I can only hear the bubbly chatter of the many voices below us. 

Just when I was already poised to do more babbling on the microphone, the sudden blackout turned out to be a saving grace. 

If only it arrived earlier, there could have been no need for the knees to turn Jell-O.

But I think I did good, we did good for that matter. 


Reena said…
Nagbrownout for real? Hehe. Im sure you did well.
Anonymous said…
i'm certain you did alright! bukod doon, nasimulan na yan kaya malamang magiging emcee ka ulit next time. btw i sent you an email sheng. pwede ka bang mainterview? thank you!
Photo Cache said…
I'm sure you did great.

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