4th Mindanao Occupational Safety and Health Summit in Gensan

We pulled off the 4th Mindanao Occupational Safety and Health Summit okay, with excellent Opening Ceremony, a great and witty host was there to lift up everyone's moods. We were really okay. I had goosebumps listening to the MSU Kabpapagariya Ensemble for their opening salvo, and their production number was awesome! 

 The DOLE Undersecretary was there to give the keynote speech, thankfully, the Mayor was also there to welcome the guests who hailed from different places all over Mindanao. My salute to those who actually had their hands full in making this OSH Summit a successful one. 

But while I was at the point of checking time again and again as to where the guests are, I wonder what time they will come, and who they are with. There were less confirmations and some of them came at the last hour we expected them to. What's pressing us is TIME, and we as Filipinos have a hard time dealing or managing our time. 

The summit started close to an hour late. There, I said it. It may be due to the guests who also arrived late but I cannot cross it out my mind that we Filipinos run on Filipino time and it is disappointing. Many disciplinarians have commented on us about this behavior of ours. Why can't we discipline ourselves to work ON TIME?

I can only sigh.

But over all, everything went clearly good, despite some minor problems and I guess because we are already too tired to fake a smile, some got this gesture negatively.

Thanks to our printer which pulled us through some needs for ID printing, certificate printing. That brother ink was manna in the sky! And those who were able to give us their presentations early, thank goodness we have Meritline to make their presentations very clear and ready as always.

The 4th Mindanao OSH Summit is the reason why I have not updated this blog for a long while. I have been stuck doing errands here and there for this summit. But all the work and lack of sleep is worth it. I just wish some people knew what I have been through to give my contribution. Because seriously, I felt so overworked, and underpaid. Haha. 


bertN said…
Ingrained na yata sa culture natin ang Pinoy time. Maski dito sa 'tate ganuon pa rin ang nakakadami.
docgelo said…
ako sheng, hindi ako tardy. i always try to come on time to appointments.
SunnyToast said…
hay ang pinoy tlga! brand na tlga ntin 2! I hope we change this arrogant behavior.
rob said…
.. sometimes talaga you realize you have done too much and people around you doesn't recognize that at all. kaya minsan mas gugustuhin mo na gawin lang yung tamang tama lang, nothing more, nothing less.
Nikko said…
uhm,medyo OT lang, may list ba sa nagattend sa summit? :) di ko kasi mahanap sa net.

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