Photographs and Memories

I had an idle time yesterday because I made it a point to rest on a Sunday. The kids were asking me to go to church but I cannot bring myself to because I felt too tired to move a muscle after we had the laundry placed in the clothesline. Husband feel the earth spinning and so I thought it better we stay and help him out otherwise leave him alone to conk out, God forbid.

So I grabbed our old photo albums, and thought how little time I dedicated into making the album a presentable one, I had limited time to check on it and the albums looks too cramped, disorganized and dusty over time. So an idea went lighting up my mind, and I wonder how the albums would look like if I make them into a scrapbook. Let's see then. I still have not enough time to put my hands on those albums but since the idea is already there, I might as well cling to it.

My mind has taken me back to those times as seen in those photos. How one can remember the past just by looking into a simple photograph. How the memories come rushing, how the events happened and what comes of it in the present. I see my college smiling, and I remember those times when a classmate of mine used to bully me because I was a skinny girl in school, and then how I almost fell in love with him until we opted to remain as close friends. I remember those times when the kids were little and how we used to go looking for swimming pool resorts because we had enough time to burn. And I realize how much I miss those days because we don't do it anymore. Times are sure changing fast.

I have learned one lesson just by laying eyes over those albums. It is, that on every special occasion, every special moment worth keeping must be kept with proof. I must use my camera-phone wisely so as not to miss those wonderful moments as they pass by. We do have a digital camera, but we need to have the files printed out to enjoy the memories.

Life is short, we must treasure the experiences as much as we could. It is not only preserving the past, but also preparing for the future. 

Do you also have photo albums? How do you preserve them?


Photo Cache said…
I also look at the photo albums I still have occasionally. They make me happy doing so.
Kayni said…
that's an idea...i haven't looked at my photos albums in so long.
Reena said…
Because of digicams we rarely print photos narin. But I alloted time and energy to have some photos developed last year and stored them in a nice album. I would have wanted to make a scrapbook too but some of the photos were taken years ago that I already forgot how to label them! haha.

By the way, please check out my Thanksgiving treat at my other blog. :)
docgelo said…
we do have lots of photo albums back home (pinas!) and we wish to scan each photos in them and save in jpeg.
Anonymous said…
this is also one task i so want to spend more time on. plus scanning the old photos we have. and then have the digital photos printed! iba pa din talaga ang physical photos diba?
onyxx said…
for some reason, i'm really into keeping pictures (or have my pictures taken), but whenever i see old photos (mine and anybody else's) i can't help feeling a twinge of regret :)
witsandnuts said…
Our "real" photo albums are in the Philippines. One of my long overdue projects in to have travel-related albums. Iba pa rin kase yung physical album.

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