Prepping up for the Holidays

The long weekend that we celebrated the Halloween made me rest well and good. It was a moment when I had nothing to do, wanted nothing to do but only sleep and eat and read. Though I have a bundle of things I brought home to finish, it turned out I have never laid my fingers on that bundle of papers I eventually returned to the office today just because I never touched any task I was supposed to do.

The kids, though bored because of the repeating movies and shows via Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel, were also in the spirit of laziness. Good thing everytime there was our tummies grumbling, there was also food to cook or leftovers for us to munch. I found it working with much effort to cook, but then again, I was forced to otherwise my kids would resort to opening canned food sitting in my pantry for how many months I do not remember. 

What was good about that long weekend we had was when the kids were up for some picture-taking knowing that they will be able to see themselves printed on paper had I decide to print them on my Samsung ML-2525 Toner Printer. Their pictures would be good enough for posting in the scrapbook so they were game enough to have given me that smile.

I also resurrected some old Christmas decors, and the kids' Christmas slippers. After I cleaned the entire house came the decorating to make our house get that Christmas feel even if its fifty or so days yet before that most wonderful time of the year!

So there, that's what I did during the long weekend. You see, just doing that is already an accomplishment for me because that long weekend of four days practically made me IDLE, and I loved being idle because I found it FUN to be idle once in a while. I think I deserve it. 

How did you spend your long weekend?


Kayni said…
We had a stormy weekend here. Right now, our area is still recovering from hurricane Sandy. I'll have a long weekend coming though - I have NIH testing coming up.
Photo Cache said…
you have your christmas tree up and xmas decors hanging already.

well i have a little bit of fall colors in my house right now; pretty soon, i'd take out the christmas decors before the month is over.

i took to gardening, pruning, weeding over the weekend. sakit sa likod.
bertN said…
Ang Christmas spirit ay nasa inyo na pala! One of my greatest regret when I left Pinas is I left behind the spirit of Christmas that prevailed in our ancestral home and our neighborhood which, try as I still do, I can't recreate here. It is just not the can't be. You gain some, you lose a lot more.
Anonymous said…
i would love to have those fluffy slippers but i think hindi babagay saken. :)

and i never work on weekends even if i promise myself to finish work or bring papers at home to read! haha! fail lagi!

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