Santa Delivered My Christmas Gift Early

I've been asking for it, praying for it. And it has come.

As the secretary to the Regional Director, my role is to place incoming and outgoing files on my boss' table and check whether some papers placed on it has been signed so I could have it routed back to where it belongs. That being one of my routine activities, I had to rummage through stacks of documents on my boss' table to check which ones are signed and those which need to stay for her appropriate action. But last Thursday when I had to check, I couldn't get my eyes off that sheet of paper bearing my name, in bold letters. I never placed that document inside her office because it was something confidential but I saw it right before my very eyes. The RD was to sign my appointment! 

I have been waiting for it, in fact I have asked others to pray with me for that intention, and it has come. After 3 months of waiting for the answer, I got promoted! 3 months in feat for that sweet moment when the RD will be announcing the remaining spot for the Labor and Employment Officer II, and I was hoping, praying and making sure I am doing the right moves to do my job and please everybody else because in my heart, what I am doing is for the betterment of the Filipino people.

Different talks and views about this promotion have been heard mainly because when it comes to promotion, everyone is entitled to their choices. It hurt me the first time when she chose someone else and not me, believing I have done my best, and she knows I was doing everything I can to help out on others' tasks for the good of the department. But I already admitted defeat then, knowing that there is still a slim chance of me getting the other spot. There were two spots and she has to choose from among 8 candidates, one being of the next rank which is the next choice as per Civil Service Rules, and one who remains a competitive friend. I was afraid she'd choose the person next in rank, for she also is doing good, she's excelling in her own easy way. Until that minute I laid my eyes on my appointment, and I had to route it back to the Human Resource Management Officer who asked me if I saw it. And with a huge smile on my face, I answered Yes. 

My tears wanted to fall, and I had to call the husband for this joyous moment. Finally, I wouldn't feel so overworked and underpaid with my SG-6 status as my promotion ranges up on the SG-13, almost doubling my present salary.

God is a good GOD who rewards people with gentle and pure hearts. He listens to the cries of people and favors them with HIS infinite LOVE. I cannot thank HIM enough for this Christmas gift. We will be having a wonderful Christmas! My family will have a brighter future now with this gift. I cannot be any happier for my children because every waking moment, each movement of my muscle, every overtime work I render is for them.

I will be taking my oath on December 6, and much as I would like you to be present to celebrate with me,  my salary cannot hold you all in for that occasion. But rest assured that I will be thinking of you, thanking you all for thinking of me and praying with me and my family to get what I think I deserve.




GensanBoy said…
Congrats! Cheers!
sheng said…
Thanks, GensanBoy! And cheers to you too!
psyche said…
Good job Sheng! :)
Reena said…
Congrats Sheng! :)
Congrats Sheng! you truly deserve it and God knows it too :)
onyxx said…
wow. i am happy for you sheng. it sounds like you've really worked hard for this promotion. advance merry christmas! :)
bertN said…
That's a huge increase in your salary! I'm sure you deserved it. It could not come at a better time...just before Christmas. I am very happy for you.
SunnyToast said…
Congrats! Sheng! such an early christmas gift! u deserve it!
The Daydreamer said…
Congratsz! Pacheeseburger ka naman. :D
witsandnuts said…
Congratulations, Sheng!
nanardxz said…
Congrats maam Sheng.. happy for you! :)
Photo Cache said…
cheers! keep on doing a good job.

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