A Bout with Dengue Starts our 2013

Just as I am only starting to save for the rainy days, the rain has arrived. 

My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday this January 3, and while I am in the office trying my best to go home early to celebrate her day, I called to ask what she wanted for dinner so we can have a dinner celebration. She only asked for a "cookies n' cream flavored ice cream". But added, "Mommy, I have fever".

When I arrived home, she's hot at 39 degrees and after dinner of what I brought home as she requested, we rested and I had to check on her every hour. The following day, Friday, her fever has not subsided but I asked the MIL to bring her to the doctor as I was expected in the office. The pediatrician said we have to wait for 48 hours to check what really has gotten into her. 

That Saturday morning, what I was afraid of was confirmed, the daughter was positive for dengue. And we had to confine her at the hospital for thorough monitoring of her platelet count. It was heart-breaking to see her in pain especially during the 12 hour platelet counts as nurses had to draw blood from her. I feel bad for her because she didn't have a good rest at the hospital as she was expected to drink water and  pee every now and then. 

What made me weaker when we were confined in the hospital was the news that the platelet count got lower for the first 3 days we were there, and we only need two increases to be discharged. I had to place a FB status of needing "tawa-tawa" for the increase of her platelet count. The shout-out generated friends who offered prayers and even suggestions on how we can increase her PC. In one of my shout-outs, one personal friend texted me on how she will be able to cook the tawa-tawa as they have plenty in her neighborhood. When she went to see us, the tawa-tawa tea was already in a big jar ready for consumption. And after that consumption, the PC increased, and we were told we can go home already provided we give her more fluids.

Social media has its good side. The moment I had that FB shout-out posted, most of my friends wished us well and that I was keeping the faith because I have a good number of friends praying for me and my daughter. And so to those who prayed for us, and gave us encouragement, thank you very much because you shared your prayers and love by letting us know you care. Our gratitude especially to Ice and Gumer Liston for the tawa-tawa tea. I am very thankful for the concern and gesture. 

And I thank the Lord for answering our prayers for healing. We are on our way to recovery and we'll be springing up in due time. 



Ibyang said…
Belated Happy new year.

So sorry to know that your daughter has fallen sick at the start of the year. I hope and pray she continues to recover and be healthy always.
Anonymous said…
was feeling so helpless reading your FB about this, sheng. inasmuch as i would have loved to comfort you, i thought it would be better to not post and let the more relevant messages reach you i.e. individuals who had what you needed.

this is traumatic, i am sure, specially for a mom and yet you remained strong, as did your daughter. glad things are getting better. hope she gets back into shape agad!
iceah said…
Your very welcome my dear friend c: God bless always c; how is Tabebs doing now? c:
Photo Cache said…
happy belated b/day to yur daughter. what a stressful way to begin the new year. hope everyone's okay now.
docgelo said…
you know i've been following your updates regarding this on fb and i'm glad your kid recovered. nakakalungkot lang malaman na birthday pa pala nya noong lagnatin sya. nonetheless, what's important now is you're more aware of this viral disease and have learned something from the experience.
sheng said…
@Ibyang: She's doing better now, on her way to full recovery. Thanks to the prayers of those who knew what we've gone through.

@bursky: You bet it was traumatic, but we have managed to get through with it in pretty calm ways. Thanks! And may we all be healthy the rest of this 2013.

@Iceah: Thanks so much, my dear!

@PhotCache: We're doing good now, thank you.

@DocGelo: We've pulled through it good, it was a good fight, and we won! Thank God we're okay now.
onyxx said…
it's a relief to know that things eventually worked out for you. the social media does have its advantages, if used properly. i hope your daughter will be in the pink of health soon.

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