A Movie You Must NOT Miss

I have never watched a movie so emotionally touching as Life of Pi. What made me regret is that I wasn't able to watch it in 3D, and I don't have time anymore to do it. But given enough time and opportunity, I will watch this again, and hopefully this time, in 3D.

Pi's story made me look at life in a different way. The tiger that was with him his entire time as a castaway could very well have made me surrender was I in Pi's place. Being with a wild Bengal tiger and with little source of strength could have made me jump into the coarse sea and meet my eventual death. I am that weak.

But Pi's life at sea, with Richard Parker the tiger, with brewing storms and lack of food yet, a life filled with positivity, with a strong will to live made me re-think my life. I just went through a traumatic state, not only because of dengue testing our faith, but there was more, and I am expecting more trials. But these trials, I believe, will be shaping to make me a better ME.

I have been observing a few friends, colleagues and family. It is sad to note that they are very much after the promotions, the success, the fame, the good fortune. And then their attitudes become different when tested with issues, complaints, and even a minor reminder. Little do they realize that life is short, and it is not to be journeyed with a baggage. 

We all may have different kinds of Richard Parkers in our lives, but we must embrace life with positivity, looking at it with an objective, and when faced with the darkest of storms, to continue living it pimping our rafts to safety and contentment.

“You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.”

~ Yann Martel, Life of Pi


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