Grade 7... Because of K + 12


I'm still young, nearing 35 in a few days. And yet, I have a Grade 6 student readying for high school soon. I have been rearing my kids well, in fact, they are achieving well in school. And this time, we are at a loss for what high school is in store for us. 

The greatest question is where we can enroll the kid. General santos City has a number of good schools to choose from, yet, I want the best school that can provide value for money. and because it's K+12 curriculum, the Basic Education Program, one HS teacher corrected me by saying my son's not about to enter high school. Instead, he'll be entering Grade 7. 

Seriously, we're considering a number of schools, but I have this one good school in mind that I am suggesting to him, and I hope he'll be interested to go to. I believe he'd adjust big time, because there will be a huge change in the environment, considering that he will be meeting and joining new friends and classmates, and will be getting to familiarize with the way public school treats you, still, I believe this school will prepare him for college. In case he finds things difficult, I explained that there's always home tutor for him if need be.

I have been asking him if he wants it there, he consistently shakes his head every time I pop the question. But I'm decided, or will I be a bad mother if I insist what I want?


BlogusVox said…
Sheng, the best school for our kids are those with "Science" attached to its name. It's public but the standard there is comparable to private schools. But that's just my opinion. : )
Allen said…
Sheng, what school are you considering? Agreed with the previous poster, make sure they are heavy in Math and Science. :) Goodness, he was just a baby now mag HS ka na whooaa!

bursky said…
i say enroll him where his (apparent) talents and interests are. but most of all, make sure he has fun in Grade 7 and high school! :)
docgelo said…
hey, i am still young -only 36! lol (kuya mo pala ako! hahaha! nagpresenta!)

good luck to your kids, pero mas maganda pa din ang turo dyan sa atin, may grade 7 man o wala.

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