Continuing Education for a MOM

School is almost finishing up, and I have no news about what happens next. We are anticipating a movement in the office, a re-shuffle of regional directors as well as subordinates. However, with the election ban up in a week, I am not sure whether we will be stuck in the same divisions for a while. 

I have planned of going back to Law School if I get a transfer back to General Santos City, though it's only an hour's ride from Koronadal City. However, I sure would love to be moved back to where I am near my kids.

Going back to Law school is material to me, because I think it would help me harness my wits, and hone my thinking skills. But I do have Plan B, if not being to get that transfer, I'd love to pursue a Master's Degree in Public Management or Public Administration. Now, that's something that also needs some thinking skills there. 

Will it be pushed through? I do not know, but for sure, hopefully this coming June, I can get the time to go back to school for a Master's Degree, something which I want to do in order to maximize my potentials. That's one thing I would love to continue - Studying ... other than trying to learn stock trading from Wall Street Survivor.

My son's graduating from Grade school this month too. It's an accomplishment for both the husband and me. Our kids make us very proud. And for the record, we are entering a Science High School this June.

Now the question that runs my head is, will I still have time for family? It's going to be continuing education for someone who has got limited time but I pray to GOD for that. 




docgelo said…
Atty. Sheng sounds fine!
While you long to take post-graduate degree(s), I also want to pursue Masters degree however, nothing's definite yet. Our priority is Gabby's schooling here and our domestic expenses for the moment. We trust the Lord. Que sera sera!

Congratulation to your son! All the best on his HS studies.
bertN said…
Go for your law degree or a masters! It is an investment in time and money that will eventually yield enormous dividend.
mordsith said…
go na, sheng! law school na yan hehe. or masters then law. :)

you're such a good mother, sheng. your kids, and the hubby, too, are very lucky to have you!

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