Ebook Reader or Android or None at All

I am not really an envious type when it comes to material things, and I don't have much liking for gadgets that I cannot purposely use. I suck at technology because I think what I need will have to satisfy me, but since e-book readers are the "IN" lately, I feel a twinge of envy whenever some friends of mine open their Galaxy Tablets and Notes and large Androids because they want to read a book. 

My previous relationship with an e-book ended last year when the BIL exchanged my LG Optimus 1 to the latest LG Optimus P500, and all my e-books were there, and I haven't asked the husband to install one on my new phone because I don't want to scare the veins of my eyes for fear that, just like the old Optimus 1, I would use on reading it even on a rough bus ride to work. Hence, no e-book reader on my current phone. 

Yet, because of my present work, I think I need one. No, I think I want one. However careful I am with my present state of health, and nurses would say that reading would stress my eyes, I still think I would need a new phone or gadget that could cater to my need of reading. Thus, my "WANT" for an e-book reader or a huge Android phone for that matter.

Of course, cheap unlocked phones and tablets can get as really cheap here in our country with full features of a good Android, but is it necessary for me to buy one considering my priorities right now? I still want my kids' education to be Top Priority, although I am not saying that I am too poor to even bring the kids to school hence, not shelling out as low as buying cheap phones or even HTC cases. That is not the case in hand. My point is, fine, I'd like an e-book reader but it will only be like that, an e-book reader. What if I get myself a Tablet, it will come functioning as a phone with more features I can only imagine, and an e-book reader as well, plus the Game apps.

Oh now I am in a dilemma. And I have no budget for that. More dilemma. 

Santa Claus, can you hear me in March?


BlogusVox said…
Hay, at least you're still thinking twice before you buy these "eye candies". Ang wife ko wants one because her "friends" have one.

Happy Easter, sheng. : )
Oman said…
I am using android now pero come to think of it, the future holds something we haven't even imagine Sheng.

Have a blessed Easter to you and your family.

Stay healthy :)
Sally said…
I have a Kindle and an Ipad Mini.

I like both, but I do think there is more of a fun factor with the iPad Mini.

That said, purely for reading books I would say the kindle is better.

I would say have a look at the kindle Paperwhite.

It has a much improved screen, and the battery life is amazing.
Anonymous said…
this is my dilemma as well! reading on a tablet is painful if done for hours. been pining for an e-ink reader. dreaming of a kobo.
I used this. Very good and usefull. Thanks for article.

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