White Water Tubing - Off my Bucket List

Okay, it was actually because of work that we went to Maitum Sarangani Province just this Tuesday, and I am glad that I did because after work came pleasure. 

One of the things in my Bucket List is actually White Water Tubing in Maitum, Sarangani Province. The gushing of water hitting the rapids is one that I fear because for a fact, I am a coward when it comes to water. I fear getting drowned. When I was younger I had a bad experience that I was being pulled out of the water because for some reason, I went farther than the shore and I do not swim. 

Fear gripping me when we decided to give it a try. My two friends and I hailed a motorcycle to bring us to Pangi River where the rapids can be heard and it seems a good scare to try it. But we did. 

Cold water, gushing rapids, huge rocks. But we have conquered all of them. Now that's what you call will power!

This experience is one stricken off my bucket list.


Photo Cache said…
that is fun.

happy easter.
Anonymous said…
pass ako diyan! i'm genuinely scared of water... pano pa kung sa ganyan? lol! glad you had fun!

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