Cholesterol Overload, Not Anymore!

I had a difficult bout with hypertension on March 6-8. Some of my Facebook friends knew about this that on that disgraceful day of March 6, just when my reason for going to the doctor was to have our Annual Physical Examination, the physician who examined me won't let me off the hospital because of a high blood pressure at that time playing around 240/130. Too high for me to be walking under the heat of the sun and working in the office they say. So, I had to rush to my work office, skip all that I've been doing and even if I don't feel like having myself admitted to the hospital, I did because of friends telling me I could get a heart attack or a stroke with that high a BP. 

After telling my Mom about this situation, she helped me pack my things and we went to get me confined. And the culprit is too much blood cholesterol. The normal of which a human can have is -2, while mine's at 4.2. Funny thing is, I don't feel any symptom at all. And my doctor friends say that it's actually the worst kind of hypertension because I feel no sign, and that I might just collapse as a walking bombshell because of that. 

I felt scared that time, I don't wanna die yet, I still have so much to do. I still want to watch my kids grow. And so, the series of blood tests, ultrasounds, the hourly check of BP for two nights in the hospital. 

I felt bad that time, and I know that what really started it all was the lack of discipline on eating. Every time I get to a mall, I have this urge to check this out, check that out and not realizing that what I am doing is a habit I have to break because of the unhealthy food I am taking.

And so, after that feat with hypertension, I did yoga, brisk walking, and exercise. But a month after, like NOW, I feel too tired because of work that I fail to do my physical exercises again. I am not much into eating anything anymore, and I have this irresistible desire to follow Emeals because of what I have experienced. 

I can't say I'm good now, because I am into hypertension maintenance medicines, and I have yet to check my blood cholesterol again. But I have learned, and for sure, I won't be taking in too much of those yummy crabs, shrimps and whatnots. Never again. Instead, I am more into fruits now, and juices, and even if I do not like pineapples and oat meals, I have to eat them. Now, I am having less of the chocolates (I do have a cheat day, though) and coffee, but more of water and tea.


Photo Cache said…
that is incredibly high. i'm surprised that you didn't feel anything walking around with that BP, scary indeed.

do you take anything for that now?

take care. you're far too young to have elevated BP.
bertN said…
240/130 is scary high! Are you a hypertensive medication now? This is easier to do than to alter your lifestyle and dietary regimen, although this is probably the best way to deal with hypertension.

Do you follow a certain regimen? I want to be more disciplined with my food intake, esp salty and fatty food, and I want to start exercising. I didn't know till I read it here that shrimps have high cholesterol. And I tend to let go whenever I'm under stress, which is usually everyday. :( Maybe we should be high blood buddies who'd coax each other into eating right and exercising.

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