Gifts for Everyone

You've inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away -- but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

That's too huge a sum of money  to be given away. I am not sure I would ever have to touch such huge amount but then again, for the sake of this argument, I will have to give 1/5 of the money to the church. The remaining amount goes to different charitable institutions like the Philippine National Red Cross so they can give added length of lives to those who need blood. I will be extending help to Greenpeace so they can use the money for making the world a better place. The money will also be shared to a charitable institutions for Persons with Disability. They can use the money for providing livelihood to the skilled workers even if they are PWDs. 

No, I will not share the money with DSWD because I know that the money will only be distributed to some people waiting for the calendar day to receive their 4Ps expected money. I will appoint a person to share the money everytime a calamity comes, I may have to allot $1M for this so the beneficiaries could be a large group of people. 

I will not be saving any for myself, but for the relatives, yes. This will make their lives a little better even if what I'm going to share them will be a measly budget for some livelihood assistance. 

I will donate a million for schools that I choose, they can make use of the money for buying better  facilities in their school, use it for some good books, or to make a good library for the children to go to. 

And the last million will be bought for gifts to be given the poor. A million dollars will be good enough to bring about a smile to their faces even if it's not Christmas.
What about you? If you want to answer the question, go ahead! And do share your answer!


BlogusVox said…
That's around P120M. Chicken feed compared to what senators get from their allowance and Christmas bonuses! >: D
Reena said…
Ang saya naman! I want to give it to myself. Haha.

But I read somewhere that giving away money is not a sustainable solution. In CSR, the idea is to help yourself first before helping others. So i'll grow the money first, maybe build a business and employ the less fortunate then part of the profits will be donated to various charitable causes, educational and research institutions. :)
bertN said…
I'll wait till I win that kind of money at the lotto, then I'll worry who to give it to. I'll be the first on the line, afterall charity begins at home LOL.

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