UP in the sky I walked.

After the exhausting and mind-boggling 3 days of training for the Skills Registry System, I and two new friends roamed around the city of Cebu just to familiarize ourselves with its beauty. I have been to Cebu for a number of times already, I think this is my fifth, and since I have already explored a few places, I brought my new found friends to where my feet have brought me before. 

But after the museums and parks have been covered, there is one place we'd like to try our eyes on, it's the Skywalk Adventure at the Crown Regency Hotel where you have to walk around the edges of the building, on the 39th floor. It was an exhilarating adventure for the three of us. We were at first shaking at the thought, but it soon dawned on us that while we were UP there could only be the chance we'd see the lights down below, the magnificent city lights and activities of Metro Cebu and its nearby areas. 

It's amazing to be UP there, really! My kids are planning to try it out the next we visit Cebu. 


docgelo said…
wow sheng, daredevil you! ang galing! i would try it too if and when i'll get a chance to go to cebu (haha, kailan kaya yon?) but tina? no. she has vertigo. and gabby's too young for those. tama, next time, sama mo kids mo, family UP there will be nice!

happy weekend!

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