Why Do I Blog?

That's a question I have been answering on my interviews and conversations with some who ask me the very reason why my blog exists. It's not as if I am needing more money because a blog-holder seems to have that, no, I am not even up to monetizing my blog until I lately realized my blog has potential for earning. 

I blog because I want somebody to listen to me. Some people who would allow me to rave and rant, and even if they do not know me well enough, they'd be willing to give their 2 cents through their comments on my blog. At first, I only needed recognition and friendship, because I think that I can write and some people would be loving me if I share my opinions about certain things. Now, it's a duty, more than a habit to be sharing what I know and what's new, or what just seems to be happening in my life. 

Recognition, maybe. But the very reason is that, I want more friends and with blogging, I have found the best kind of friends that I have now. And that's one huge impact and reason why I blog. 

Why do you blog?  


docgelo said…
why do i blog? i need to write on my own site my answers your query.

to each his own of course, but i think bloggers in general, understand the reasons why fellow bloggers enjoy what we do best.

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