I Keep Watch

Of time, that is.

If there is one little thing that I cannot let go, and is very significant to me, it is time. That is the reason why I get to keep a number of watches for me to change with every mood I bring to the office or to wherever I go.

My grandmother has taught me to respect time, and other people's time as well. But of course, there are also some reasons why we cannot control the time that we have. Sometimes, I get to the office late, but that is to my disadvantage because I will be deducted the wage I am supposed to earn for that day. If I get to a date or a meeting late, I see to it that I apologize, and it would be for some reasons not of my desire.

A watch may be a little thing to carry, but it gives me a sense of direction, a sense of reason with every move I make. It makes me yearn for eagerness to act within the limited time that we have on earth.

I procrastinate, yes, but I see to it that I take things one step at a time. Oh well, my bad that still I procrastinate, but don't we all, at times?

I just make sure that in the end, when the sun sets, I have achieved something with the time given me. 


docgelo said…
i agree, time is essential and punctuality is a must.

but like you, i'm also guilty of procastinating a few things on moments when i wish time could stand still (read : weekends, holidays, *sigh*)

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