I Went Gaga over Rivermaya

Oh yes, I did.

During my college years was the most memorable years of my life. It was when I fell in love, had a few heartaches, had my first few mishaps, and had to make decisions on my own. 

College years also was when I had to earn a few from the allowance that my parents gave me, something that I went to save to buy what I wanted to buy. It was then cassette tapes working for there were only cassette players then, and so to join with the trend of other youth engaging in their favorite bands, I joined the bandwagon of having to keep my own set of collections, which will need another blog post. 

But for now, I want to share with you how I came about going gaga over Rivermaya. There was Bamboo in the band yet, and there were Nathan Azarcon, and Mark Escueta to begin the band with; and they were young and lovable that ladies could easily say they got a crush on these guys even if they do not know them personally.

My lovelife with Rivermaya started with 214, the first song that I ever memorized from their discography, it was heavenly singing along with this music, until such time "Ulan" and "Kisapmata" were being played in the airwaves. I would always sing along with their songs to the point of me buying each album that was being released. I went to concerts that they hold, even to the point of buying tickets for my friends just because I have to watch my favorite band go live.

Oh I was so in love with the band that I never realized I have spent so much for their songs and for trying to idolize the people behind the voices on the music. But I was right, Rivermaya has always been my first love, and it will always be my favorite band until now. Much as I have been hooked with Eraserheads, I was more into Rivermaya than having to bang my head against the music of Ely Buendia. But these singers were classics! And they just love being Filipinos and they are proud of it thru their songs. 

I will forever love OPM, well, maybe because of Rivermaya, E-heads and Parokya ni Edgar. Now that I have a family of my own, I wish bands like Rivermaya would still continue being aired, and not being swept away by music from Koreans like the Gentleman. 

What do they call this again? Oh yeah, Throwback something...

Tell me about your life. You certainly have a something to "Throwback" too, haven't you?


BlogusVox said…
We sure have a generation gap when it comes to music. My OPM likes were APO, Asin, Florante, Labuyo and Banyuhay. I bet you don't know them na. >: D
Photo Cache said…
Amen to BlogusVox comment. My generation we went crazy for Martin and Pops, Gary V, Ariel Rivera to name a few.
sheng said…
@Blogusvox: I also love APO. I love their songs until now, and I grew up to listening to them because of my parents. When Anak was introduced to us in a lesson in high school because of Freddie Aguilar, that's when I also learned of some classic artists like Asin, as Saro Banares, the singer, was from here in South Cotabato.

@Photo Cache: Magkaedad lang naman siguro tayo, though Mrtin and Pops were not my typical kind of music, but I also had Ariel Rivera blaring in my radios too. Of course, I am Gary V's number one fan!

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