Livelihood Orientations Toward Inclusive Growth

This may not always be the case as there are many people who are being given livelihood grants, yet do not possibly know what do they do with these grants and/or knows what they want to do yet very lazy to try uplifting their family from the poverty they are stuck at. What a pity for those who think like this, but what one can get from the government may not always be effective for as long as they do not care for it or give any value to it.

Business Action Planning on Livelihood with the Women Sector
In this country, most people do not give any value to what is freely given by the government. The mere streetlights that enable us to see conveniently, after being put up or installed in a month, the bulbs or lights vanish into thin air if not being regularly checked or if not because of the guards around the area. The parks that hold children's swings and see-saw(s), they are being abused by the children and their guardians not very good at lecturing their children about taking care of these public properties.

So, livelihood?! The Department of Labor and Employment is giving away livelihood for the marginalized sector, or the informal sector so to speak. I was tasked to give away as much because of the fact that we need to provide livelihood to those who are in need. But the question is, are they deserving enough? Can they sustain the livelihood that the government will give them? What impact will it have on their lives and their families?

Livelihood  Orientation on Women's Sector
I am one among the many who believe otherwise, but since my work involves me in this releases, and it is my task to identify the beneficiaries, I get to advocate responsible livelihood sustainability. And I need to convince myself that the beneficiaries will take care of what the government has given them, not only because it can help them, but because of the fact that the government loved them that it has to intervene in uplifting their status. 

This  may not sound as if the livelihood will provide them ultimate riches, because a measly P5000 will not even buy them good bread, but if being given extra effort to gain income, I know in my heart, the beneficiaries will provide meals to their tables, three times a day.  

Persons with Disability, and their parents

I have been into different sectors, from the women sector, fisherfolks, displaced workers, and the persons with disability. I have learned to love what I do, even though it drains me of my strength to the point of a failing health after one straight week of Livelihood Orientations. I actually have no voice as of this writing. But I am enjoying what I do. It's just that I pray that the beneficiaries, whoever will be given the Starter Kits and the Negokarts will sustain the business that they will start with. I am open to helping them, really. I feel attached already, and it would make me very happy seeing them get any progress with what they do with the Livelihood the government has provided them.

The Boss with his short talk on Livelihood Orientation, me behind the camera.


bertN said…
Is the Php5000 grant a one time deal?
sheng said…
Sir BertN: Yes, it takes a lot of monitoring though, for one to get a P5000 grant. Not enough to make one rich I know, but still it can get a long way if used properly.

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