One Fine Saturday at Gensan's Greenleaf Hotel

It's like seeing a different paradise without others knowing it has been there all along. Because only a few knew the hotel is operating, it was like a secret, an amazing secret a few people keep, me included. 

Transported to a different world, I was awed at how huge the hotel looked inside for it sure feels not "that" magnanimous looking from the outside. When I stepped inside the hotel, I never knew it could be very big and can accommodate so many rooms totaling to 111, technically with 6 levels minus Level 4 which is not a good number for the Chinese. Greenleaf Hotel is home to four cafes, The Mint Cafe is where we had our breakfast and it was oozing with rich people who are part of the hotel's clients as they are fully booked that very day. 

Amazingly, there are pools, 2 pools to be exact which can cater to the adults and the kids. And they have great designs to cater to the patterns of a leaf, from the symmetrical abstract tree that is inside the Mint Cafe to its interior walls being designed by veins of a leaf. Wonderfully made, with interiors as intricately designed as the midribs and other things to replicate nature's best like the "abaniko" as the ceiling going to the lift is being designed.

It is a fresh welcoming site in General Santos City as Greenleaf Hotel is just a step away from SM City of Gensan. I can only wish I could step inside again for a good rest inside their rooms.

Here are the pictures I took when I visited Greenleaf Hotel. You will find so many great things inside Greenleaf Hotel and I advice that you visit the hotel as soon as you visit Gensan. You will find a lot of things you can only discover there, a huge LED TV for one. Ask somebody from the hotel, I'm sure they'd be very glad to show you their "wonder ballroom" housing that awesome LED TV. 

I will be posting more about their cafes, and wait till you see what's more they keep inside Greenleaf Hotel, you will be surprisingly amazed!


Kayni said…
This place looks great. Look forward to your other photos.
Photo Cache said…
very elegant. must be pricey too.
Anonymous said…
antaray naman ng hotel!
must be pricey nga. wish we could afford than when we find time to visit GenSan.
sheng said…
@Kayni: Nice hotel, rated 4 Star Hotel ata sabi nila...

@Photo Cache: Not that pricey naman, it was worth it.

@Bursky: I am soooo looking forward to have you here in my city!

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