Philippine Transit Application Challenge Pictorial

The Philippine Transit Application Challenge is one avenue where one can create or develop an application to cater to the needs of our transit/transportation and other applications to the benefit of commuters, pedestrians, tourists and even for those with special needs. This is one way where hackers, programmers, computer engineers, developers and other freelancers whose hobby is to make or develop apps to challenge themselves in the making of the best application that will not only be beneficial to each Filipino, but also must contribute something to our constituents' transit needs. This is a competition for Intelligent Trip-Planning by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) launched just this July 1. For those interested, one may check out more information at the DOTC website.   

On our end, a Boot Camp was held to inform the public about this challenge and to explain to the candidates/possible developers the mechanics of joining this competition. While we were enjoying the Training, attentive waiters of Gensan's newest Greenleaf Hotel were helpful enough to cater to our needs even during the class pictorial. It's a funny thing that when we asked for their assistance, all of them offered a hand to take our pictures. Here they are with our cameras...

And here's one of their shots of us! 


Nortehanon said…
This is interesting, Sheng. I'm excited to know what the developers will come up with. Hmn, napaisip tuloy ako: Kung ako ang developer, ano kayang app ang ide-develop ko, given na ako ay isang lakwatserang commuter hehehe

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