The Great Move to a New Comfort Zone

If there is anything I would like to be thankful for this year, it is the new Regional Director's decision to put up an new Field Office for Sarangani Province. Though at first I was apprehensive at what may be the outcome of such creation as the constituents of Sarangani Province are already settled with the idea that they must go to General Santos for their DOLE needs, I am at the same time challenged by the fact that a lot of eyes in the DOLE Regional Office must be watching us in the performance of our duties. It is a challenge in the sense that I and a colleague, plus the boss, will be handling all the DOLE programs and services hands down. I have two full hands when it comes to the programs at my disposal. Programs that I never dreamed of holding, but now, they're mine to perform and implement.

What's more challenging is that, I will be handling Livelihood Assistance to the constituents of the province. It's not easy because you have to be careful with your beneficiaries, what are the possible assistance you can give them and if it will be of help to the beneficiaries in their living condition. 

I cannot fathom how much I thank God for the blessing of transferring closer to home. It is a great escape to  home where my heart truly belongs. It is such a great blessing because I no longer have to travel an hour each day to reach the office, but rather 20 minutes is all it takes me to be in the office, plus the fact that transportation would only be a measly P50 back and forth rather than my former fare expense of P226 for a day's ride to reach Koronadal City and back to home. 

What is great news is that my daughter loves me more now because I can help with her assignments, she's loving the fun that we do each night to check on her notebooks. The son smiles along with me when I ask him how school has been each evening that he arrives. 

Well, I guess this is all for the best of my career, so I'm embracing the change now, and I resolve to do the best I can to perform well, reach targets and bring honor to DOLE Sarangani Field Office. 

And  this is my new comfort zone!

Ain't it a relaxing space?


Ibyang said…
congratulations on this wonderful change. :)
allen said…
Miga, congrats gid. Soo happy for you and the family. That's a nice place to live. :)

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