Unresolved Issues of 3 Years, Closed

It has been three years when I left my former job at a local publishing house here in General Santos City. What happened then was that, I was no longer happy with them and found an exit when the demands I was asking were ignored. 

My demands were simple, 1) that they pay the delayed contributions of the SSS of all the personnel entitled of it, and 2) that they pay all the Pag-ibig contributions of all that is entitled to it; 3) that they pay the loans that were already deducted from their salaries and remit it to the offices mentioned; and  lastly, that they follow the minimum wage because it is written in the laws. 

But they were too deaf and blind to see the outcome of such requests. Nobody dared to demand all these from them and even if I was one considered very close to the owners/managers to the point that I was called the "boss' pet", I was forced to voice out our demands and wrote a letter to the manager about it. Twice. 

When the first one was sent, we had a talk with the managers, and they promised to resolve the issue as soon as they come up with a good planning as to where to get the money for because they mishandled it. After a few good months had passed, no resolution happened and so I wrote another letter with petitioners signing on my petition paper, asking them to immediately pay for the said benefits. 

Again, none came, and then I found an opportunity to get back at them by sneaking out their doors without them having any clue about it. You see, I was the only editor they had so when I left, they had no one else to finish the bulk of manuscripts I left unfinished on my worktable. Call me rude or bad-mannered but I just had to do it if only to knock some sense on their heads. 

I haven't met any of my two bosses after that, until I bumped into the Mister Boss on February at the wake of a co-employee who happened to be my ally when I was still inside their company. We had a long talk and it seemed as if all issues were erased because Mister Boss understood what went wrong. We talked about stuffs at work but never mentioned what happened.

Madam Boss however, I never got to meet until yesterday when I visited the former office because I had to buy my kiddo's PE Uniform which they sell. When I went inside the office, I immediately saw her and because I haven't had a chance to see her, I nudged on her and when she saw me, she got up and hugged me, real tight, with tears in her eyes. Twice, thrice, I don't know how many times she hugged me real tight and I knew that she was sincere with her gesture. She mentioned that it was never the same again, a lot has changed since then, and she's leaving the country and her family because it didn't work out right between them. 

With tears in her eyes, she hugged me and told me how much she misses me. And I felt her sincerity. 

Now, with all that's happened, I knew in my heart it was an act of asking for forgiveness on her part. She mentioned that if only she could turn back time... But all is over, we have lives very differently lived now. 

And so with all these drama, I have closed issues that happened between me and my former bosses. They were my second family then. Working in a private company sure made me what I am today, and that shaped me to become strong and taught me to practice and demand for what rights I am entitled to. 

Surely, time heals all wounds. 


docgelo said…
nice to know you've moved on from your issues with your former bosses. i am emphatic, sheng. these hassles in work places could only make us stronger 'ika nga ng pang videoke na kanta ni kelly clarkson, "what doesn't kill you make you stronger" (napakanta ka ba, sheng? smile naman dyan!)

happy weekend!
sheng said…
Thanks Doc Gelo, it was a welcome hug for me. Naiyak siya when she saw me and I'm glad that even if we weren't able to talk about it, it was a closed issue between us. We just hugged and I allowed her to cry on my shoulders. Oh, it was heart-warming.
{TPS} said…
I couldn't get over what you related. Never mind what you did. Those are what you yourself called rudeness or bad manners, to put it bluntly. But what they did? Those are legally actionable. It's quite a surprise none of the employees filed a case in NLRC.

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