32 years of Teaching, Yakimix and a Selection of Sushis

A selection of Sushi(s) on my plate

Thirty-two (32) years in teaching and 25 years in teaching at the Mindanao State University is something of an achievement. An excellent one, to say exactly.

And when my dear friend, Mr. Gilbert Tan invited us to have it celebrated with him, I could not decline an offer that would be later held at some place I have not experienced yet - Yakimix.

With all the food that's in their buffet, I could not gather any strength to choose what to fill my plate with, the selections are just too much of a buffet. But I quite love All-You-Can Eat thingies though I am not much of an eater, and I have a small warehouse for it, I enjoyed it to bits. 
Sir Gilbert's Minion Mini Cake
I gave Sir Gilbert this small cake and minion at the center of it because minions are one of his favorites, and because I know he would be delighted by it.  Texted a friend if she's got a minion cake topper because I owe a friend a really nice cake, though it would only be small because he is alone in his house anyway..

You see, the design was just made by moi and the minion cake topper was the best part of the cake. In all fairness, I think I did good with that cake-design. Haha.

Family Photo
And whatdyaknow, when we arrived at the venue, he was the one who gave me quite a different surprise. A bag filled with books and chocolates and gifts for the kids. 

The family is very proud and blessed to have Sir Gilbert as part of our family even though we are not related by any means but our hearts.

Till the next Yakimix experience Sir G.

Cheers to 32 years of teaching! You have touched so many hearts because of your passion for teaching and for teaching not only theoretically but based on personal experiences. Kudos! My hats off to you!


Gilbert Yap Tan said…
Thanks Sheng and family for celebrating this milestone with me. Teaching is an awesome and humbling experience of my lifetime. I learned from my students as much as I hope they have learned from me. :D
SunnyToast said…
Happy birthday to Sir G and yes you did great with the decoration of the cake..I love the spiral candle:)
witsandnuts said…
Little J would love that minion mini cake. I'm forever a fan of california maki.

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