Work and So Much More!

My apologies to those who visit my blog and see nothing new. If I do not write my latest adventures now, it is because I am so up to my neck with work-related stuff that I do not have  time to blog. 

Since my move to DOLE-Sarangani Field Office, I was assigned a number of programs that are quite important and most of them are because of Employment and other regulatory concerns like issuance of Alien Employment Permit and implementing the Anti-Child Labor Program. Most of all, what's kept me very tied to work is facilitating the provision of sustainable livelihood for the poor but deserving people in the province to which I owe my travels to and fro, here to there and a number of  overtime rendered.

Seriously, I feel bad about it because I can no longer write what I feel, and in most  times, I wanted to rant about what I have been down about but time is so limited I cannot even write down my rants more so my raves.

What's adding to my already hectic schedule is the Graduate school night classes that I have enrolled myself into. Monday for Human Resources, Friday for Statistics and Saturday nights for Theories and Foundations of Public Administration. These and more, they make me very much pre-disposed to lack of sleep and hypertension.

I feel bad that my kids no longer review their lessons with me but with their dad, maybe because I get home very late already and when I do, I can only lay down and my eyes succumb to slumber because of weariness.

Anyhoo, I will be trying my best to change the schedule of my classes for the next semester in order to get myself enough rest and give the kids time for reviewing and reading and family bonding.

And maybe I could give you all enough time for adventure, then I could write them down and share to you. I'm also thinking of getting airline tickets for a getaway with the kids. Maybe soon, so I am waiting for promo fares to come. Do buzz me if you know of any!


e[k]s said…
ma public ad? natuloy din ako sa mba ko. sabay tayo nag-aaral ngayon! yey! no worries, i'm sure all these sacrifices will give you some gratifications later on naman. :-) go, sheng!
Kayni said…
oh i miss school. i'm on medical leave at the moment.

it's good to be busy.

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