2014 is Going to be a LOT BETTER!

More veggies, less meaties.
More fruits, less rice.
More water, less caffeine/soda.
More exercise, less laziness.
More rest, less stress.
More studying, less compromising.
More book readings, less social networking.
More writing, less daydreaming.
More family bonding, less unimportant socializing.
More early log-ins, less tardiness.
More cohesive reports, less procrastination.
More early reports, less overtime.
More silence, less useless talks.
More prayer time, less senseless chitchats.
More savings, less expenses.

Reviewing my New Years' resolutions for the past 3 years, and I thought that while some of them may have been followed, more have been compromised because of some circumstances that were yet unknown the moment the resolution was written. 

I wonder how I can accomplish all these new ones, because the other resolutions were kind of specific, but this one's not. But definitely, I will try my best to just follow all these things I've written here. And maybe seek for excellence in everything I do.

A few may be questionable depending on my schedule and priorities but I will try to keep up with this vows, and as a commitment, it would best that I write them down in this blog as I usually do, so I may be able to check and double check again.  

One prayer though, and I hope we claim it NOW...


Photo Cache said…
Here's to a brighter and better new year.
marian said…
Happy New Year!!! Hope to see you in Manila this year :)

btw, i have a new blogsite :)

Anonymous said…
almost same wishes! :D happy new year sheng!
Eds said…
happy 2014 sheng!

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