Snap Right Away!

The weariness that you feel when you get home gets a little bit relieved when somebody welcomes you home with some milliliters of canine saliva, thus we have a pet. Her name is Coke, she was a gift to my kids when they were depressed because of the death of our first puppy we named Sprite. As you may notice, we are a family of soda-loving people, hence the names of our pets. 

On a visit to the boss' house one day, we were also welcomed by their cute pup named Kyro. I just couldn't resist myself from taking a snap of this cute 1 month old doggie. 

The boss is in awe of the pup, that when Kyro first arrived, he had to fan Kyro because it is used to staying in an air-conditioned room. Knowing Gensan as the brownout capital of the country, Kyro whimpered and scampered because of the warm room he was kept in. And so the fanning went. 

But that's just one of the stories of Kyro. And that's just one of the stories I would like to tell you. What I really wanted to tell you is when you get a chance to see something beautiful or something nice, and you have a camera with you, snap right away. It always pays to document and capture the moment that you want. That's actually trying to make sure that you get to enjoy more about the present, which will eventually come as a past soon after the moment is captured. But what is best there is that you have captured a beautiful moment in your life, and you have your memory to live with it. 

I salute people who can carry their camera(s) and DSLRs with them each time they get a chance. I admire photographers who always carry with them their gadgets in order to snap right away when the moment calls for it. For me, that makes them wise people because they can feel the moment, capture them and make use of it to their advantage. 

I'm hoping to be like them, that is why I am speculating of buying a tablet phone which can be of use to me in my studies, as well as in getting pictures of experiences and moments I like to capture and live with. 

Bonuses have arrived, and some of them already gone, but I've been blessed this December, thank God. 

It may not be in the form of a promotion which I was aiming for, but I still thank God for the favors that He has bestowed upon my family. 2013 may not be really great for me and my family as we had a few clashes with fate, yet, my faith is strong that 2014 will be better. So I'm gonna decide soon, so I can snap away and take lots of beautiful pictures that 2014 and GOD will give me.

A camera or a tablet phone?



Kayni D said…
You know, I actually prefer a camera or a nice phone. I have an iPad but I rarely use it for taking photos. I use my phone both for photos and research. But, it's up to you. I hope for a better 2014 as well.
Photo Cache said…
I don't have a tablet. I own a DSLR which I use for taking pics. But when that's not with me, my phone is perfectly okay to use.
sheng said…
@Kayni, My phone's kinda old and not good in taking photos, but I can still take pictures with it, however, it would be better when I can use the tablet in reading e-books, something which I cannot do on my phone, the screen is so small. Still, I'm just pondering on it. Hahaha.

@Photo Cache: We also have a DSLR, well, the husband does anyway. Hehe, my phone's photo resolution is somewhat lower than what others have, but I can still take pictures, not that good though.

Anonymous said…
i'd love to say "get the tablet!" but it's really awkward when you snap pictures with it! heheh. if you get a camera, you're missing out on the apps if you had a tablet with you.

compromise would be tha phablet/phonetab! :D galaxy mega might just do the trick for ya. ;)

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