Discovering Davao's Discovery Science

So we are still in the Philippines and we just took a very short vacation in Davao City because I have promised the kids that I will bring them to Discovery Science at SM Lanang Premier.

What's a short vacation worth but the smile on my kids' faces and the feeling that you have bonded with them even if it is for such a short while.

So we went, and we had to proceed to SM Lanang first thing when we arrived in Davao City after lunch and checking in at a cheap hostel.

I have heard good reviews about the place, and even Davao bloggers recommend to bring the kids here because they will surely love it. And yes, they did not fail me. I went there because I am a Mom who fulfills promises, and also because my kids love adventure, so this trip to the museum and the experiences they will get because of this trip will be stored in their memories.

You will have a guide who will tour you inside the museum  and first thing we did was walk through an Earthquake simulator where we had to experience a Magnitude 1-6 earthquakes. You could feel the house moving and the feeling that you are in an earthquake attack is kinda' scary. The guide though knows how to make us feel relaxed because he was telling us stories and explaining how earthquakes happen. 

Also, we tried their Periodic Table of Elements quiz where the kids and adults alike may familiarize themselves with the elements and their symbols. It was like going back to High school and enjoying the Chemistry subject again. 

Don't tell my Mom I am enjoying this now because back in high school, I hated this subject, as well as Maths and anything with numbers.
There was also the Bio Wall where you can take a look at what  animals help in the food web, do they do, and what are their major roles in the ecosystem. There was a huge ant, earthworms, termites and a bee. The guide will explain to you why they were there, and what their importance is to the ecosystem.

It is creepy that huge ants are displayed but the kids loved them anyway, so, it's alright.

Harness the Earth's Power is a booth where they will tell you what powers/energies the planet has and what can we do to conserve this energies. We have the wind power to light up our homes, we have the solar power as well as geothermal. 

It is because of man's creation and doing that destruction comes and attacks our world causing energy imbalance and nature's wrath which includes tornadoes. Below is a simulator of tornadoes and hurricanes.

Tabebs providing heat energy to a solar powered car.

This simulator shows how a tornado is born. The warm air and the cool wind from above merges and a tornado is produced. We may not have tornadoes here but in some parts of the country, we have smaller versions we call ipu-ipo which is also a natural disaster that can cause a lot of destruction to a number of homes.   

Inside the Discovery Science Museum, you will see a lot of booths that features the heart,the many smells that humans produce, what is the reason you belch or barf, as well as the many systems inside your body.

It was an exciting travel down the Science lane. There was also a Gravitram where you can see balls going up and down levers.

There was an activity area for quizzes on how much you know about Science and Chemistry and Physics. And there was a Reefs in Danger wall where you can see different corals, and the guide will explain to you the names of the fishes inside, and why we should stop people from destroying our reefs.

There were a lot of booths at the Discovery Science, most of them you can enjoy even if you are an adult. Aside from the museum, you may also want to watch a planetarium show which is just amazing. I am so amazed at how the whole place was converted into 3D and the story was as great as the show was. The place is a must-see for your kids so it is highly recommended that you bring your kids there. As for me and my family, we enjoy this kind of trips even if it is such a short bonding time. 

I may be a tad poorer but there is never a price for my kids' happiness.  

Discovery Science is at the 3rd Floor, SM Lanang Premier.


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