For the Children in T'boli

When Jonallier called me to invite me for a trek, I was excited at the same time hesitant about going. I was excited because after a long while, somebody has again invited me to be part of a trek to Lake Holon, in T'boli, a place where a lot of travel bloggers have announced to be a place of beauty, peace, and oneness with nature. It was a beauty out there as they constantly say. 

But why apprehensive and hesitant you ask? Because I have never been to a serious trek ever in my life. The first and only short trek was that on our way to Kinilis in Polomolok where you can see the coffee plantation and where the civet poo is being harvested for kafe balos.

Next reason is that the husband is also hesitant because we do not have climbing gears to use, no mountain climber bag, no tent, no whatsoever. We only have a sleeping bag but it will not suffice, I'm sure. So I had to take a raincheck for that because of the reasons I have stated. 

And then I saw a post that makes me really want to go, but deep in my heart I know I can't, so I thought about the toys I have set aside supposedly for the community in Data Anggas. We were not able to go there in Dcember due to some reasons but the toys were already ready. Therefore I am sending these toys for the children in the community of Lake Holon, T'boli. I may not be with the group in person but I will be sending them what I think may bring a smile to the faces of the T'boli children.

As a child, I was not gifted with so much toys. I remember having to eye toys that are really huge because my classmate has one. I used to envy our neighbors for having telephone toys that ring when you place batteries in them. Because I only had little toys when I was a kid, and those are the toys I had to share with my siblings. 

But I did have toys, and so I must pay it forward. These are for the children in Lake Holon, T'boli. These are for them to enjoy and be happy about. I just hope they would learn to share and not be selfish about what they have, because in doing so, many will be happier. 


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