Join the Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014

I have oftentimes dragged myself to wake up earlier than the usual to go jogging and walking especially on weekends. I have pushed myself to do something relevant to my health, even before the diagnosis of the heart condition. I drive myself to walk, and do a little exercising or zumba if it can be done. But that's somehow lessened, if not stopped because of the heart. I am afraid that the heart will collapse if I make it weary. I know I am not god to tell the heart when to stop and what to feel, that's why I am being careful. But I was also told that a little walking/jogging won't hurt and short runs can do good to exercise my main pumping muscle. 

So here's a good thing I'm doing again with my friends. The Sun City Suites Night Run Series 2014. It will happen on July 19, 2014. The Run  starts at Veranza Mall and you have a choice of registering for the following: 

I am sure it will spell FUN. Let's just say that Fun runs have always been a hit for my friends and it's something that I have not done yet. This is my first time ever to join a fun run. Consider this - FUN, you are not required to run all the way through the finish line but you can run and walk, and walk or run however it suits you. Sometimes, our idea of fun runs are always races and marathons, but we need to consider that fun runs can be good starters of a healthy lifestyle, and I'm going to start walking this weekend to prepare myself for this event. 

Aaaaannnndddd, they have lots of things to raffle away, 200 limited NBA sports bottles, a plane ticket, ROXY and DC and Quicksilver stuffs, and a lot more! 

And there's a real nice singlet waiting for you when you register, plus drinks coming your way during the event. Registration Outlets: 

                                             SunCity Suites Front Desk
                                             Bench Robinson's Place
                                             3rd Floor KCC Mall (Near Japan Home Shop)
                                             Mitchy's Car Accessories (Magsaysay Ave)


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