The Event that was The Social Media Day

Many people have managed to learn about technology because of the unending supply of new gadgets that hit the market. From phone devices to laptops and tablets, and there's the smart watch which one can use for notification of having an email or a direct message. There are a number of ways one can directly message someone, or leave a note to friends or even check what's going on in the country and elsewhere. 

 And how can one use these gadgets but not be connected to the net? Of course we have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Plurk, and other Social Media sites and apps that one can use for communications and flaunting purposes. Believe me, these are the things that consume us. 

How many hours do we stay on the net, checking our emails, and stalking our friends over Facebook, checking what food they eat, where they are or whom they are with? You do agree with me also, that these are the things that sometimes, you just can't live without, right?

So we in Gensan also celebrated the Social Media Day. Whilst it may be a tad earlier as we celebrated ours on June 28 when the Social Media Day is supposedly June 30, we had fun time to share with friends a few topics like "Five Tips to Rock Your Social Media Game Plan", benchmarking the success of SarBay Fest which actually reached more than 130,000 likers and people talking about it on the net and even responded to its invitation to be the greatest beach party in Mindanao. Another was "How You Can Profit from Social Media" wherein the speaker taught the attendees ways on how they can use the social media experience and earn from it. 

About 40 attendees joined us, and we continued to advocate that we need to blog or post something responsibly in FB and other social media sites. Content is still king when writing a blog. 

The core group where I belong to has done something really sacrificial to pool this number of attendees and make the event a success. It was a concerted effort of Google Business Group (GBG) - Gensan and the Sox Bloggers. The students who were present did not go home empty as they were able to bring home swags and other freebies aside from the lessons they have learned. 

2014 Social Media Day had the theme "Best of Online Media in the Philippines" using the hashtag #BoomPH. 

Social Media Day is celebrated yearly in partnership with supportive telcos, in our case, it was #SmartLiveMore. 


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