They Barely Knew Me, But Judged Me Anyway

Working with the government is a classic thing, so they say. You work, you get paid, you get to experience vacations and you get to travel officially. But working with a government agency where you get to work with older people in the office is not - it's a lot more different. It's way beyond compare. In fact, it's lethal.

Don't get me wrong, because I have been misinterpreted many times more than this. I am thankful that I have a job, very much thankful that I get to meet people whose ideas are far better than what I have, intelligent people who know how to speak their minds, and to feel how they should feel. But there are people too, who misjudge you, who think you are being too assertive of what you believe in. Now here is where my rant begins. 

So I was contender for a one-step promotion. I think I did good, and methinks it is high time that I show the people that I deserve  it. And No, I am not bitter that I did not get the promotion. But I am disappointed at how some people perceive me to be while in the office. I am disappointed that others may perceive me to have a bad attitude but does not say it to my face. I may have a strong personality but it is just me, and I can control it if you approach me and tell me the things that you do not like about me. I may be very OC when it comes to work in the office, but maybe because I believe in deadlines and achieving targets and that makes me assertive of deadlines and would get irritated on procrastination. I believe I am a team player, I easily mix myself with people. I may be loud but I know how to listen. For some consolation to myself, I am just glad that I still have friends, a lot of them, and glad to note that when I arrive in a group, they do not disperse seeing me walking near them. 

But if there's one more thing I hate, it is when you fabricate stories about me. I swear, I have never shouted to anyone. I may wear my bitchy face at times, but I will be very patient still, especially for the elders because I believe in karma. Now, if what I do annoys you, then you have a problem. But I will remain to be the person who will aim for excellence no matter what.  But please do not make stories about me, it's like dragging me down to something I did not do. Pretty obvious that whoever said that and scattered that rubbish has that perception about me. S/he could have approached me, and I'd listen. And I am sure that whoever s/he is, is not part of my circle. Because s/he barely knew me, but judged me anyway. My true friends know me better than that, so they'd know it ain't true.

I am happy for the one who got the position. And this thing that happened is one reality that you can never please everyone, and that some people will always talk behind your back no matter how much effort you give. 

Okay, I'll prove my worth next time. God has better plans.   


caryn said…
hugs sweetie! i know what you mean about working in a government office ... i love it, but sometimes it's really like pulling teeth ... a true uphill battle! but at least with you there, we're assured of a few good people in service. hang in there hon! ;-)
sheng said…
@Caryn: I am glad that there are people like you who understand my sentiments. I am sure that there are more people in the government who are stars, who shine even if they are unrecognized. People like them are worth sharing, and praising, not those in the higher who think the agency cannot do anything without their smart asses. It pains me to know there are people such as them in the government. We can only pray for them as much. Thanks for dropping by!

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