Love Yourself, Nurture Yourself, Gift Yourself

The rule for cash bonuses is that they will be released not earlier than November 15, so I'm guessing that you may already be enjoying your bonuses and the second tranche of your 13th month nowadays. Ours just reached our cards last night and I am so thankful for these blessings. It's as if the government, no matter how much it has been abusing us, has rewarded us with even a little share of its riches. 

But because I don't think I have nurtured myself enough this whole year of 2014 so I'm gifting myself one item that I have long been eyeing at the malls. Actually, I have three items on my list, but since I am one scrooge, I am just buying myself one of these, and as for the other two, I'm hinting Santa Claus to give it to me as reward for being good. Teehee. 

I am an avid fan of backpacks since way immemorial. It may be because the first bag that my Dad gave me was an orange backpack he bought for me from Cagayan de Oro, that stuck in my head since I was little so during times that I am looking for office bags, I always make it a point I buy backpacks. I may have a few shoulder bags, but the smile I get when using a new backpack is different.

This red slippers is a favorite of mine from Outland. I have one sandals from Outland but because Outland prices are quite steep, it's a luxury for me to buy so. Besides, my old sandals still looks new that's the reason why I cannot buy a new one. I don't think I really need it anyway because I can still wear other slippers notwithstanding the brand. 

But this red Keds is forever a must-have for me. I am contented with other brands and other cheap shoes but because it's red and because of its design, I am so much in awe of this red Keds which I have been constantly returning to. remember Tretorn way back in college? That's what I'm trying to picture myself out by wearing this red sneakers. 

Which one I am buying puts me in a dilemma because I love all these three items but as mentioned, I can only buy one, the rest would be up to Santa Claus. So, for now, the topmost on this list would be a better choice. I think I need a new bag which I can flaunt after the release of the Christmases bonuses. This makes me really guilty because I'm really not in need of a new bag, but I love myself, so I'm nurturing myself with a little Christmas shopping. Kind of, a reward actually. Teehee.

Oh, and a full body massage! Yeah, that's what I need.

What are you buying yourself? Go share it in your blog, please, I wanna know. ;-)   


Kayni D said…
It's that exciting time of year. I'm so excited. So, have you decided which one to get?

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