No Rest for the Weary

That's what you get when you work with the government. 

I have never been too busy in my whole life except these times when I have consistent loads on my table, and I get to bring them home. I find it quite hard to believe that despite these struggles, I could still come up energized, ready and willing to go.

The life of a government employee is being envied by many. Many would desire the position I am in the government, they say it is good because of the stability, the huge enough pay, and the perks that come with it. While all of that may be true, I think I am blessed that I work with the department that I work now that I enjoy and love, but I despise some disadvantages that are attached to it. 

What are these disadvantages? Well, for one, being a government employee entails your time to adjust to the bosses. Your time depends on how fast you can do your reports, and that's when you can finally rest. When the boss calls, you have to answer, not doing so might get you into trouble. 

You need to bring your reports home, in that way, you can fully concentrate with work, because when you are in the office, you have to answer client queries, client meetings, and attend to never ending meetings that start too late and take too long to end. When you are working for the government, most of your Saturdays and Sundays, you tend to spend in the office, because if not, your whole mind keeps reverting to thinking about what you need to do, what is to finish, and to thinking have you reached your targets. 

When you work with the government, just like the nature of my job, you will meet people who will get to complain about what the government has done to them, when they only think about the government only after being entangled in a dilemma. Just like the would-be OFWs, they only remember the department when their passports have been withheld by illegal recruiters. They only remember to call on the government when they are abused, jailed, placed on death row. But did they even think about the government long before they did that? Some of them were even undocumented...and many more have been lost because of them not following the right process.

But those are just my concerns, nothing really significant, no big deal. 

Sometimes it's sad, that people working for the government do not feel appreciated by their clients. We do our best in order to treat them well, cater to their needs, and yet, even our Saturdays which are meant for families, they tend to take away.

And these bosses who seem mindful only of those closest to them, they promote, but those who do the legworks, they ignore.

No rest for the weary, but well, I have taken this oath, and so shall I remain. 

~ sHenG ~ 


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