The Long Wait is Over

The Long Wait is finally over. 

We have been waiting and praying for the result of the husband's application at a certain government agency for a year now. It has been a hell of a long wait, if you ask me. It was on July of 2014 that they posted the vacancies on their website, August 6 was the deadline and so the husband was already completing all his documents since then. The first job exam was held on August 31 in Davao City where we both went, and the announcement of who passed that exam was only done on the first day of November, two full months wait. And then there was the second exam which was held in Manila on December 13, an interview was given on December 22. Then nothing. NO updates, nothing. Until months after that they were asking thru SMS whether the husband wanted to pursue his employment at the certain agency. Months of waiting until, on March 3, 2015, they posted the list of recommendees for appointment. We were elated then, just because his name was there.

And after March 3, there was nothing again. No updates, no posting (relative to the result of their application) on their website. We only relied on inside information thanks be to a friend who has a friend inside the bureau.

Then lo and behold, after March 3, just this September 11, last Friday, after 6 months of waiting, there came a text that husband's appointment has already been signed and approved by the Civil Service Commission. And we only have to wait for the website to upload further instructions. 

That was the great wait. 

This long wait may have tested our patience and confidence in the trust that we give our government. Was the bureau intending to really hire the mister or was this only a way to create a hullabaloo among the 400 applicants recommended for appointment.

While we may have prayed and claimed for victory over this matter, it assailed our faith, and tested our patience for a while. It has been a tediously long wait where you have no one to ask, and the bureau's phone may have been intentionally disconnected for our several attempted calls. And finally, that SMS that there was already an approval from the Civil Service Commission and the appointment has already been signed seals our unending gratitude to the God Almighty for it was HIM working HIS ways albeit the long process.

So, we have to wait another short while. And I am preparing myself, because for sure, when they call upon the husband to serve the government, my world will turn upside down for many many reasons. 

Thanks be to GOD for testing us and for making sure that we learn the lesson. GOD's time is always the Perfect Time. Congratulations, RSD, for the good work.

PS. Government name withheld for a good reason. 


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