Generation Gap in a Bamboo Concert

Forgive me if this blog seemed ignored for like a century already. I have been so busy with so many things work-related plus the thesis and kids and house chores that need attending to. 

But seriously, there are a just a lot of things I have to be thankful for, like having wonderful children who help me cook breakfast in the morning, and a daughter who, while there may be tantrums at times, keeps me sane as she joins me in bed while her father is away for work.

So, children. I have a 15-year-old son and a 10-year-old daughter and I am almost but not quite my forties.

I have been very eager to watch Bamboo In Demand Concert here in Gensan because as many would actually know, I am such a fangirl of Rivermaya, a 90's band with Bamboo as the vocalist in their most famed years. 

Came Saturday, and I tagged the kids along with the hope that they get to enjoy Bamboo because they see him as a judge in The Voice, a singing competition aired over the TV on weekends. 

The concert started with a DJ mixing songs, just like the ones you see when in disco houses or bars as this generation calls it. And then, a front act with a few songs was rendered by Jason Dy, Bamboo's protege in The Voice. While all these things happen, amidst the noise of the music and the blinding lights, my kids were silent. My daughter was on her phone playing Minecraft and my son was hooked to his phone watching episodes of The Office which he saved into his gadget. It felt like I was alone, without a companion. I was asking them if they even enjoyed just a wee bit but the answer was a respectful nod, just that. It's a good thing, we were with a few friends who can relate to my fangirl mode that night.

The generation gap was quite evident in that setting. I believe that they were not able to enjoy the things I liked most because they could not even name a song that Bambo sang. It was all songs that touched my heart while I was in my teens, and not of their generation. Had it been Justin Bieber, I am guessing their hearts could be all screaming at his name and their voices out singing his songs. 

I still believe that it was a good weekend with the kids. It was their first time to see a rock concert that their Mom had enjoyed so much. It was a chance to meet their Mom twenty years ago. Well now, at least they knew it was originally Bamboo who sang Hinahanap-hanap Kita and not Daniel Padilla.  


PseudoShrink said…
Hello! Since FB friends na tayo, I rarely go here. Glad to be back reading your blog.
sheng said…

Guess what? Ako din, I rarely go here na. Naisipan ko lang na kinakalawang na ang writing skills ko. So, kailangan na atang pakinangin muli, kung may ikakakinang pa ba ito. See you again here!
bursky said…
weeee! you're back! :)

di bale na may gap, maa-appreciate din nila yung music (sana) eventually. maganda din na alam nila what kind of musician Bamboo is, and why he is a judge sa The Voice.

see you again ulit sana sa blogosphere!!!
sheng said…

Now that you have commented, I wish to see more of you in the blogosphere again! Write more! See you!
Iriz said…
I found the blog post so cute. You're such a cool Mom to be part of a rock concert and lovely enough to have your kids with you. Yeah, at least your kids had a taste of your younger years. :). Nakakatuwa. Glad to be here.
Kayni D said…
I'm glad you still had a great time, and I'm sure the kids also had a good time seeing their Mom happy.

Glad to read from you. I don't see much of the bloggers that we used to converse with.

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